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Serial spammers Dopa .com continue to pester domainers!

Dopa.com continues to send out unsolicited – aka “spam” – emails, even when the recipients of their solicitations do not respond. They are now referencing those unanswered emails, adding an extra layer of annoyance. How are these spamming phucksticks allowed to exist in the domain industry, is beyond our comprehension. Therefore, we will continue to […]

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Krebs On Security identifies mega-spammer domains using DomainTools

Security experts, Krebs On Security, uncovered a long trail of spam, domains and hijacked Internet addresses; all the evidence leads back to a 37-year-old junk email distributor from San Diego, who was the first such spammer to be criminally prosecuted 13 years ago. Using DomainTools to identify, track and analyze the domain registrations of hundreds […]

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Forget about your Twitter domains and followers grand plan!

Did you register, acquire or otherwise drool over a “twitter followers” domain? It’s about time to rethink your marketing strategy, because Twitter will come onto you like a billion birds of a feather. In a lawsuit filed in federal court in San Francisco, five of Twitter’s most aggressive spammers are named as defendants. They used […]

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