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#Reindl .com : Stanley Pace wins #UDRP against Austrian casserole #domain

Domain investor, Stanley Pace, won another UDRP – this time against the domain Reindl.com. The domain was offered for sale with a $79,000 dollar price tag. Registered in 2016, the domain’s keyword, “reindl,” means casserole in German. An Austrian company that creates protective clothing, asserted that they have a trademark since 1999. Reindl Gesellschaft m.b.H. […]

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Stanley Pace : Turkish company loses 2nd UDRP for Sarten.com with RDNH finding!

The UDRP over the domain Sarten.com is a prime example why Rick Schwartz created Hall of Shame. Last December we covered the UDRP decision for the domain, filed at the WIPO. Stanley Pace, the domain’s owner, successfully deflected a Turkish company’s claims to Sarten.com. Just a few months later, Sarten Ambalaj Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim […]

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