The Domain King’s new Stud and Jester domains

The Domain King, Rick Schwartz, was featured in a priceless interview to Business Insider this week. Rick shared his life’s personal and professional path with millions of readers in yet another demonstration of solidified accomplishments. The Domain King’s motto of being a pole vaulter setting new records should be a reminder to those that failed […]

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Rick Schwartz’s domain pitching platform, is now live; in a limited format that reveals the direction it’ll be taking. The Domain King is rolling out as a multi-industry tool for expanding and finalizing the role of “unfinished domains.” By calling it a “Freelance Collaboration & Domain Breeding Marketplace” will be targeting entrepreneurs, […]

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Unfinished domains: acronym is explained

Rick Schwartz promised lots of surprises when launches on Monday, April 18th, to a select few cowboys. A couple of these surprises were revealed today! The Domain King’s new brokerage venture is an acronym, apparently, as STUD stands for Strategic Toolbox for Unfinished Domains. Enhancing the STUD acronym, Rick Schwartz secured the domain […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. launches on Monday; Rick Schwartz added more #domains to the stable

The Domain King’s latest solo project is, a new brokerage platform promising to ruffle the feathers of the industry, under the Domain King’s guidance. Rick Schwartz’s planning of started many months ago and Monday, April 18th has been mentioned as the “go live” date. With that in mind, we noted that Rick Schwartz […]

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Bud the Stud is Rick Schwartz’s new mascot for the brokerage

Earlier this year, the Domain King, Rick Schwartz, announced the upcoming launch of as a specialty brokerage for top notch domain names. Since then, Rick has updated the stud collection with several additional “stud” domains. Yes, we had a bit of fun with the previous version of the logo, that used some obscure […]

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More stud power from the Domain King!

Rick Schwartz has chosen to be the name of his upcoming domain brokerage powerhouse. Featuring a stallion or stud horse rising on its back feet, the temporary logo carries “we breed domain names” as its motto. The Domain King is determined to expand the brand, having registered as well, an indication of a […]

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The Domain King and “i”

The Domain King, Rick Schwartz, has been busy preparing the transition of his premium property domain, Rick’s expecting a windfall of $36 million dollars at a minimum for, which totally makes sense. After all, outside of domain names, the market for real estate property is on a trajectory to the moon. Rick’s also […]

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Studvention: New #domainer conference for big @@ers

If you’re hung like a horse and own domain names, Studvention is coming! Rick Schwartz‘s secret domain conference for big @@ers is around the corner, to be launched from two domains, and “Folks, why hide your family jewels, be proud of what you got and swing by for a fun party among other big-game […]

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Rick Schwartz and the next 10 years of Porno

Despite record low temperatures in South Florida yesterday – West Palm Beach recorded a low of 32 degrees F – the heat is on at the turf of domain king, Rick Schwartz. The disclosure at Rick’s blog of a private communication that turned ugly, generated a lot of friction in the form of arguments and […]

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