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Domainers discuss the Super Bowl XLVII

Late last night, we asked several domainers what their thoughts and predictions are with regards to the Big Game – also known as the Super Bowl ™. Here’s what they had to say about today’s football extravaganza, that kicks off at 6:30pm Eastern. 😀 Elliot Silver: I’ll be having beer, trying to find a decent […]

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DomainGang tradition continues: Who will win the Super Bowl?

It’s Super Bowl XLVII Sunday tomorrow – for those of you not into Roman numerals, that’s 47. The Romans counted it as “ten less than fifty plus five plus two“. Super Bowl XLVII (Ravens vs. 49ers) is on Sunday, February 3, 2013, at 6:30pm ET. It’s not a secret that Andy Milonakis never liked the […]

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