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Shocking decision: ChatRoulette becomes trademarked!

In a shocking reversal of the decision – as we detailed it less than two weeks ago – the USPTO has given the green light for the registration of ChatRoulette as a trademark. Apparently, the legal mumbo-jumbo that hindered the registration of the popular word, ChatRoulette, was minimal after all. The trademark registrants are based […]

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As traffic skyrockets, Superchatroulette exceeds its bandwith limits

Superchatroulette is currently down, having exceeded its allocated bandwidth. The entertaining contender to the ChatRoulette craze, has been around for a short while, multi-casting ChatRoulette feeds in eight windows simultaneously. It seems that Superchatroulette will now have to increase its server capacity in order to keep up with the on-going demand for strangers flaunting their […]

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Had enough ChatRoulette already? Not so fast, here’s a new contender!

Whether you love it or hate it, it’s irrelevant: ChatRoulette.com is becoming a major attraction worldwide. With more than 1 million visits daily, the sub-1000 Alexa ranking destination is a flasher’s paradise. As we wrote earlier, the number of exhibitionists on ChatRoulette that spank the monkey is a phenomenon that has forced many school network […]

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