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Mike Mann’s tax gem #domains are priced just right!

After the news of the sale of Taxes.com broke, domain investor Logan Flatt quipped about how the .com cannot be used for a Texas car tag. Brint Ryan, the Ryan, Inc. CEO, is driving a Mercedes with TAXCOM tags, as his company also owns the domain Tax.com. But TAXESCOM is eight characters long. In order […]

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#Sedo : First big sale of 2019 is the domain #Taxes .com at six figures

Sedo announced its first big sale of 2019, with Taxes.com going off the shelves right on time for the new tax year. Derick Clegg, senior domain broker with Sedo, quoted the sale of Taxes.com at $250,000 dollars, including tax: “SOLD! TAXES(.)com off the market! $250,000! Congratulations to both parties! #domains #Sedo #taxes Sedo.com” But this […]

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