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The Cordoba Caper: Sylvester Stallone sued over Expendables script

According to Reuters, Sylvester Stallone is accused in a lawsuit of copying another writer’s screenplay to make “The Expendables“, a movie about mercenaries hired to defeat a military dictator. Reuters continues: The lawsuit was filed in Manhattan federal court on Tuesday by writer Marcus Webb, who said the screenplay for “The Expendables” is “strikingly similar […]

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Team ‘Kubba’ wins the Game and the Title of ‘Domainer Badass’

A few days ago we had a live poll with a layout of The Domainers – a detailed spoof of The Expendables. It seems that the winner was decided pretty much on the day of DomainFest; that’s when the crowds gathered around to share the fun that is DomainGang.com Needless to say that Ammar Kubba […]

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