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Francois on French soccer team loss: C’est la vie!

Team USA beat France 3-1 in women’s soccer yesterday; the sport features women with ponytails, sport bras and thunder thighs. Quite lovely. On the eve of ‘Bastille Day‘ – the national day in France – the loss seemed to leave French domainer entrepreneur, Francois Carrillo, untouched. “Well, as we say in France, c’est la vie. […]

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Distraught by Soccer result, Rick Schwartz prepares Big Sellout

The World Cup 2010 fever has reached even the most hardcore anti-sports domainers, despite the crazy buzzing sounds of the vuvuzelas. Team USA managed to reach the 16 teams phase and excitement built up. “Folks, I support team USA all the way”, said Rick Schwartz watching the game on his 64″ projection TV. “I think […]

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