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TikTok.fail : After losing UDRP #TikTok video repository moves to shorter #domain

The TikTok brand is a popular but wacky social media platform. It just so happens that TIKTOK is a registered trademark and Bytedance is very protective of its brand. But this is not about president Donald Trump’s animosity towards the Chinese-owned platform, it’s about the UDRP against the domain TikTok.fail – a searchable offsite repository […]

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#TikTok : Deal or no deal, there are 191 TLDs so far!

TikTok is China’s attempt to infiltrate and usurp US and global personal information, according to president Donald Trump. Threatening ByteDance to sell TikTok “or else” didn’t sit well with China’s propaganda press, that called the US a bully and a gangster. The popular social media platform is called Douyin in China, where it was founded […]

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