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#LiteBit .com #UDRP : Time machine needed to establish “bad faith” registration

The registrant of LiteBit.com, a domain name registered in 2000, could not have imagined the domain’s future use as a brand 18 years later. And yet, 2525 Ventures B.V., of Netherlands, expected just that when they filed a UDRP at the WIPO to get the domain. The Complainant in this case operates LITEBIT as a […]

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Half-crazy domainer launches world’s first domain time machine

Meet Frank Lickings, a 5 foot 3″ unassuming guy from Cromwell, Pennsylvania. Frank spent the better half of his 20’s registering useless domain names, such as DeepSpace10.com, FranksFamousFriends.net and other such “gems”. His biggest achievement has been the registration of DomainersClubs.tel Frank’s dad passed away in the 1970’s after a failed experiment with radioactive plutonium […]

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