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Today only: The #Domain King’s #Coronavirus survival kit special for #domainers

The Domain King, Rick Schwartz, has been extremely proactive with regards to the Coronavirus pandemic. Rick canceled the Asheville meetup early on, saving domainers both money and anguish: no canceled flights, no wasted hotel booking, and no anti-Covid19 mask expenses. He then bought plentiful provisions, such as nonperishable food, toilet paper, Italian spring water, toilet […]

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TP.com : The most valuable two letter #domain right now

Two letter domain names are known as “LL” and the .com variant is very valuable. While not as high priced as a couple of years ago, they fetch top dollar as far as short domains go. It seems that the two letter domain TP.com is one heck of valuable domain name currently, for two reasons. […]

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