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#Domain USPS : Elliot’s PO box filled up after new contact method is revealed!

Elliot Silver’s post about how an enterprising domain investor contacted him via snail mail, is creating new traffic for the Top Notch Domains founder. Domain name pitching, a common practice for email communications, is now getting out of hand, according to Silver. “My PO box isn’t unlimited, unlike the web space I get from GoDaddy, […]

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Elliot Silver: Goodbye, New Yawk – Hello, Bawston!

Popular domain investor and busy father extraordinaire, Elliot Silver, loaded his “Top Notch Domains” van earlier today and headed out of the Big Apple. “Leaving New York behind, after 10 years of soaking in the big city culture, that’s a bit of a shock really,” said Elliot, while loading up the final boxes to the […]

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