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Pepsi, the choice of a domain squatting generation!

Sedo is known for kicking out trademarks from its parking and domain marketplace, so how on earth was this one allowed to happen???      

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Flippa.com takes their ‘Flippa’ trademark seriously – Threatens to sue domainer

Nothing wrong with protecting one’s mark, service mark or trade mark. That’s the reason the certification exists in the first place. Australian domain marketplace, Flippa.com, contacted the owner of the domain name Flippex.com threatening to sue if he uses the domain for monetary gains. The story gets really interesting, considering that the owner of Flippex.com […]

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Frank Schilling loses battle over Trademark domain

Why, oh why, oh why? We’ve been witnessing this quite often lately: Seasoned domainers aspiring to get domains that are obvious trademarks. What is an obvious trademark? Something that looks like a word made up from putting two words together. It takes less than a minute to look up such terms at the USPTO.gov – […]

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