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Divyank Turakhia : Are your domain names safe in the USA ?

Divyank Turakhia, Co-Founder and President of the Directi Group, participated as speaker during TRAFFIC East in Orlando, Florida, almost ten years ago. In a video spanning about 10 minutes, Divyank Turakhia discusses whether or not you should move your domains offshore, or is it safe to keep them in the United States. TRAFFIC 2008 East […]

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TRAFFIC 2008 : Gator disaster almost hit domain conference!

The sad news of a child being dragged by an alligator into the waters, on Disney property, is devastating. The two year old played at night, in an area that resembles a sandy beach, wading in shallow water. The incident brought back memories of a near disaster that occurred in 2008, during the Orlando TRAFFIC […]

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