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TRAFFIC Vancouver closes today with a ‘Big Bang’ announcement

Final day of TRAFFIC Vancouver today – the ultimate domain show operated by Rick Latona with surgical precision and artistic gusto. There is lots of coverage of the TRAFFIC conference by media such as DNJournal so what are we here for? There are rumors that there will be a big announcement today and it seems […]

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What happened to today’s Domain News???

Well folks, as many of you might know, I live in Florida. It’s the summer. Summer in Florida means one thing: hitting the beaches. So where was I? Ah yes, I was at the beach. I know TRAFFIC Vancouver is ongoing and that the E.co auction is underway with a high bid of $24,000 currently. […]

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Power Networking Day: When Domainfest missed the PR boat

It’s a clear indication of a missed marketing opportunity: when you intend to use a term, register the .com in advance. Oversee is expanding Domainfest into short conferences, lasting one day and costing $175 to attend. While “Domainfest” is the brand, the term “Power Networking Day” is being used as well. Did they register the […]

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