Viral kids’ video/song publisher gets matching .com domain in #UDRP

“Baby Shark” is a children’s song and dance; originally a campfire song, “Baby Shark” became very popular in 2016, when Pinkfong, a South Korean entertainment company, released a version of the song with a YouTube music video that went viral across social media, online video and radio. In November 2020, Pinkfong’s version became the most-viewed […]

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The domain, a 1996 registration, was lost via a UDRP complaint that the Respondent didn’t respond to formally. Instead of involving an attorney, such as ESQwire (note: advertisers on our publication,) the registrant sent an email: β€œWhat is this complaint exactly[?] We bought the assets of company who had operated as such […]

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#Bang Energy gets the #domain name via the #UDRP process

Bang Energy is an energy drink and a product of JHO Intellectual Property Holdings, and the product’s web site can be found at The domain was registered in 2008, at the same time as the BANG trademark. Meanwhile, the non dashed version,, was re-registered in 2011 after it dropped. The registrant of the […]

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Want to Google #China? Cool, but can’t use the #domain name

Google is a famous trademark, despite the mark’s (ab)use as a verb – to “Google” something. More important, you can’t incorporate the Google mark into domain names, if you are not Google. The registrant of found out recently, as Google filed a UDRP to recover the domain. While many “Google China” to find more […]

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