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Uniregistry affiliate program : Rest in peace

The Uniregistry Affiliate program expires at midnight tonight, after a successful lifespan. Launched in early 2014, the “Uniregistry Affiliate Plus” provided its participants with healthy payouts for registrations and renewals made using the affiliate program. The earnings were lucrative, particularly for gTLDs that were typically more expensive than regular TLDs. Uniregistry announced the program’s termination […]

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Affiliate commissions: How much is Uniregistry paying for domain referrals?

Uniregistry announced its affiliate commission program a few days ago; the process is also explained in a step-by-step manual for Domain Name Sales users. Just how much is Uniregistry paying for domains that are registered via an affiliate link referral? The earnings vary according to the TLD, and there is a useful table that explains […]

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Uniregistry Affiliate Plus program: How to set it up at Domain Name Sales

Uniregistry has published a “How to” guide about their Affiliate Plus program; the detailed step-by-step guide was published yesterday at their Development Blog: “The Uniregistry Affiliate Plus (UAP) Program allows DomainNameSales.com parking customers another avenue by which they can monetize their names. Traditionally, PPC parking revenue places a set of advertisements or search links on […]

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