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Domain petition : Need only 99,998 more signatures to drop .US nexus requirements

The dot .US Registry, operated by Neustar, is the official country code top-level domain (ccTLD) provider for the United States of America. Dot .US is also the first allocated ccTLD, ever. Restrictions to .US domain registrations include US citizenship or residency and other “nexus” rules: Who can register a .US domain? Any U.S. citizen or […]

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Domain hacks : Olympus, you’re doing it wrong!

Domain hacks can be used for a variety of purposes, but their primary function is that of shortening the URL in mind. For example, Julie’s Freebies got Freebi.es – a Spanish ccTLD domain – for its business. While this was aweso.me, some domain hacks can be outright infringing on trademarks; just ask the former owner […]

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Domain flags : Country ccTLDs that went live in the 1980’s

With dot .com celebrating its 31st anniversary with Symbolics.com yesterday, it’s about time to dig into the domain name history overall. The first ccTLD domains were allocated in the 1980’s and one of them predated the registration date of .com. Dot .US was the first country TLD ever to be allocated, on February 15th, 1985. […]

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