Vic Dixon: Domain registrar employee walks 20 miles to work every day!

An employee of the domain registrar is the prime example of dedication, when it comes down to a perfect attendance record. Vic Dixon, known for his humorous depictions of domain industry life, walks daily to the offices – a commute of 20 miles. “For as long as these legs can carry my body […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. challenges GoDaddy, Namecheap and eNom with ice cold video

The Ice Bucket Challenge is the ultimate provocation among peers, that gained viral status on Facebook. Once the idiots setting themselves on fire realized the game wasn’t as cool, the new focus is the challenge of receiving a bucket of ice or ice and water, top to bottom. You get wet and get the chills […]

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Domain collisions demonstrated in new video has created an expert video, demonstrating the problem with domain collisions that many system administrators are currently facing. Vic Dixon analyzed Newton’s first law, that states: Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it. “Collisions occur when two […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. domain offer of the day: A pug puppy with every domain registered!

A new, special offer good only for today* is currently stirring a lot of controversy; offers a free* pug puppy with every domain registration. “Our new 3D printer is pretty amazing”, said Vic Dixon, who is authorized by to operate the corporate 3D printer during regular business hours, but who bragged that he […]

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Jared Ewy: A comedian who just so happens to work for

If you’re familiar with the entertaining videos coming out of the stable, then you’ve probably seen Jared Ewy – the Community and Social Media Evangelist. Jared’s primary role is that of the online voice of the company, who’s priding itself for its laid back, casual – yet effective – approach to the domain registrar […]

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Vic Dixon eats email spam accidentally sent out by

Vic Dixon, the illustrious VP of Social Media for RightSide sweetheart,, must be having a full tummy tonight. “We have a zero tolerance office policy, that any spam email we send out to our beloved customers by accident, must be printed out in 7 copies and consumed by whoever hits the submit button,” said […]

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Vic Dixon: Dot .Sexy domains will be handled by my secretary at

Vic Dixon, the illustrious social media VP of, isn’t sugar-coating his blatant political incorrectness. Fresh from his recent win at men’s bobsled racing in Sochi, Dixon is once again back on US soil, to supervise the launch of Dot .Sexy by, tomorrow. Sporting a shaved head that guaranteed an aerodynamic profile, Vic Dixon […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. wins gold after Vic Dixon nails it for team New Zealand

The Winter Olympics in Sochi are far from over, but one domain registrar has reasons to celebrate; won gold in men’s bobsleigh today. After training hard for the Olympics by indulging in Canadian bacon and shotgunning beer, marketing guru, Vic Dixon, flew through the bobsleigh course at a mind-boggling 97.8 miles per hour. […]

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BREAKING: acquires Sedo in an 1.5 trillion euro cash and perks transaction

BREAKING (bad): Palo Alto, California – Sept. 18, 2013: the top tier domain registrar with an “A Rating” from the DG Registrar review, has acquired Sedo, the Germany based domain auction market and close ally of the TDNAM “$60 buck offers” marketplace. Vic Dixon, Vice President of Stuff at announced the acquisition earlier […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. & Social Media VP Vic Dixon sex drive the Tesla

Last Friday, Social Media VP, Vic Dixon, uploaded a video response to object to our unbiased post regarding the objectification of women in domaining. That video, was clearly the best so far from and its creative stable of beer-fed employees. Today, what with being the last work day of the week, and […]

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