Volkswagen lost UDRP against the domain

Automotive manufacturer, Volkswagen, filed a UDRP against the owner of the domain Claiming rights to the GTi part, the car maker giant must have been certain that the outcome would be a walk in the park. The Respondent registered the domain to share his experiences with GTI cars; a term that is adopted by several […]

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Volkswagen.XYZ : Domain lost in UDRP despite emissions scandal

Despite an ongoing emissions scandal involving German automaker Volkswagen, a trademark is still a trademark. In a UDRP filed against the owner of the domain name Volkswagen.XYZ, the Respondent was a Minnesota car dealer. Still, such relationships do not justify going after a domain that clearly constitutes a trademark infringement – unless there is an […]

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Gotta love words with secondary meaning. The domain, a Brazilian ccTLD, was lost in UDRP, after its owner tried to sell it for $100,000 dollars. It’d be great to do so if the content at were related to golf – the sport. Unfortunately, the Complainant in this UDRP is the German automotive corporation […]

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First dot .Company UDRP a landslide for Volkswagen

Volkswagen was formed in 1937, in Nazi Germany, and the group owns and manages a very famous mark in the automotive industry. Despite all this history, a not-so-smart individual from Canada registered the domain in July. It took a couple of months for Volkswagen to find out, and they filed a UDRP at the […]

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