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#Polymorph : Ad tech startup sold to #Walmart without the matching dictionary .COM #domain

Polymorph, a technology as a service creator of ad software, has been acquired by Walmart. Walmart Media Group, which offers full-funnel, targeted and accountable advertising powered by online and in-store sales data, announced the acquisition yesterday. Polymorph’s technology, which includes a high-speed ad server, a self-serve interface and server-side header bidding, will make advertising with […]

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WalMart.Horse : Artist served with a C&D letter over domain name

Jeph Jacques is the proud owner of Walmart.Horse, a domain and single page web site featuring a horse superimposed atop the photo of a Walmart store. The mega-corporation with billions in assets, sent the cartoonist registrant a Cease & Desist “nastygram“, asking him to surrender the domain name: “You have registered, without Walmart’s permission or […]

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Dot .CN: WalMart’s new Top Level Domain a surprise to many

WalMart – the grocery super giant that many despise – won’t be applying for its own gTLD any time soon. “We are reviewing our strategy for 2014 and beyond, and have come to an agreement with the People’s Republic of China to lease full rights to dot .CN for the next 99 years”, said WalMart […]

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