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Schwartz vs Mann : Let’s agree to disagree on widgets

Two domainer monoliths, Rick Schwartz and Mike Mann, agreed to disagree publicly. The focus: widgets, and in particular a “joint venture” that apparently did not materialize over the domain Widgets.com. Rick Schwartz owns the domain, and Mike Mann’s references to “widgets” triggered our response, that the matching .com belongs to the Domain King®. Mike seized […]

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WordPress King: Rick to launch royal range of plug-ins and widgets

Having just switched over to WordPress, Rick Schwartz wasted no time as far as domainer branding is concerned. A new, exclusive range of “royal” plugins for WordPress is in order, according to Danny Welsh – Rick’s associate at JointVentures.com. “Branding – the most important upgrade from generic, meaningful .com domains – we do it the […]

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