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Gone with the Wind.com : Brokered #domain sale left a breeze of cash on the table

News of the sale of Wind.com for allegedly “mid six figures” shows how important it is for the seller to not rush a sale. For several weeks, the domain was brokered by Lumis, that did an extensive marketing promotion for Wind.com, and offered it first at $1.25 million dollars, and then at $500,000 USD. Since the […]

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Network Solutions account hacked; Weed.com, Wind.com and other premium #domains offered for sale

A Network Solutions account managing ultra-premium domain names, such as Weed.com and Wind.com has been hacked. The managing email, alex69@gmail.com is selling domains for crypto, at prices below market value. This is a common method used by cybercriminals that want to offload stolen domain assets, without a reversible process. Domainers take note: Having control over […]

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