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Have some dot .Wine with your Friday cheese

Some gTLDs are meant to be: they match consumer products that are globally appreciated, and we’re not talking about milk here. 😉 Donuts, Inc. launched two successful gTLDs, dot .Wine and dot .Vin, after months of byzantine scenarios leveraged by the ICANN committee. But let’s forget about the bureaucrats and the conservative forces here; it’s […]

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Jabulani.com – Can Adidas score a trademark case at the WIPO?

Executive summary: This is a tale of two identical trademarks, one for a soccer ball and one for wine. And while the oldest one is for the wine, it’s being used on the web against the ball’s rights. Jabulani means “to celebrate” in the Zulu language, spoken by 10 million people in Africa. Known for […]

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Francois discloses the reason Domaining.com went up for sale – A DomainGang Exclusive!

Paris, France – La Liberation Earlier today, we received the shocking news of Domaining.com being put up for sale, in a private communication with Francois. Typically, we keep such communication private until a sale is final, however we decided to publish the information it delivers, as a lot of domainers are potential buyers for the […]

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