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Words with Friends: Howard Neu sends complaint letter to Zynga

Seasoned IP attorney and domain aficionado, Howard Neu, does not mince his words when it comes down to two things: Domain names and Words with Friends. The TRAFFIC partner is an avid player of the Zynga blockbuster game, playing against as many as 20 opponents at a time. This time around, Zynga was the recipient […]

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Flippa launches ‘Words with Domainers’ as a sidekick to flourishing domain auctions

Flippa, the domain and web site marketplace from Down Under, is once again exercising its pioneering role in the domaining industry. “Our successful launch of the much coveted Flippa classifieds section, which is currently flourishing and threatening the existence of Craigslist, provided us with the initiative to keep on rolling out useful products with a […]

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Francois launches Words With Domainers (WWD)

Due to the huge success of the ever-popular Zynga game, Words With Friends, Francois – the French entrepreneur and owner of Domaining.com – decided to take the game to a whole new level. We spoke with Francois earlier this morning via voicephone from French Telecom. “Play game on Facebook and mobile, words with amis, friends. […]

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