Greek Yahoo gets on with the times, finally

While Google opts to serve the exact same front-end in every country, Yahoo has always displayed  a portal customized for each country. Yahoo is – after all – the older of the two major search engines and opted from early on to serve news and information – like an online magazine of sorts. After launching […]

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Yahoo to eliminate all Bots, Crawlers and Web Spiders

Since the early 90’s the automated search and retrieval of the so-called “deep web” has become the ultimate goal of every search engine. While Google recently introduced the Instant Search feature that delivers results on the spot, trends might change soon. After almost 15 years on the go, Yahoo announced that it’s pulling the plug […]

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What Frank Schilling meant to say – the video

In his widely-accepted post from a couple of days ago, uber-domainer Frank Schilling quoted oilman/philanthropist Jean Paul Ghetty and his interview to Playboy magazine in the 60’s. While Jean Paul Ghetty’s statements represent a man fighting an uphill battle of survival in the cut-throat oil industry at the turn of the 20th century, Frank Schilling’s […]

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Major league PPC provider, has kept the final stats in the freezer for the 7th consecutive day today, after some of its advertising channels apparently flip-flopped on the stats of their own. One cannot but wonder whether Yahoo – the main advertising provider for Parked – is running out of cash – their recent […]

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