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Are you ready to Spy on Sedo’s nameservers?

Ken Greenwood – the legendary developer behind the domainer ‘killer app’ ZFBot – has done it again. Not content with recent changes and additions that allowed for the FREE domain service to expand its usability with ‘Spy Mode’, Ken has made a couple of new additions that add further value to the tool. Not that […]

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Domainers that rock: Ken Greenwood – ZFBot developer

We recently updated the status of ZFBot.com – the domainer ‘killer app’ by developer Ken Greenwood. There are plenty more changes coming up, so stay tuned. Speaking of tunes, Ken’s not just hex numbers and stored procedures; he plays some great guitar as well. Enjoy his off-the-cuff ‘guitar putzing’ video. 😀  

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Domain ‘killer app’ ZFBot adds brand new ‘Spy Mode’ for droplists

For the past couple of years we have been raving about ZFBot – an indispensable domain tool that processes the domain zone files for several major TLDs and outputs very useful information. ZFBot – which can be found at ZFBot.com – makes it possible to search more than 127 million registered domains and locate those […]

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ZFBot Developer creates the first Domainer Concierge application

ZFBot developer Ken Greenwood takes being in tune with his customers to a new level. The progressive domain app programmer and expert guitar player granted us a rare interview, earlier today. Ken, thank you for taking a break from your programming. What’s going on with ZFBot? “I’ve heard loud and clear what the users of […]

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Chef Patrick’s Halloween Party

Ken Greenwood, prolific developer of domain supertool ZFBot, has created a nifty Halloween gizmo that will keep you entertained for hours. Called ElfControl, it uses an uploaded image or webcam photo you can scale or otherwise adjust; the Halloween setup comes with atmospheric music. You can then move your character around the setting and even […]

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The FULL list of Zucchini domains not auctioned at Latona’s

This is a full list of all the great, amazing and absolutely nutritious Zucchini domains that you won’t find on auction at Latona’s. What’s more interesting is that these domains aren’t typos with dubious traffic and also aren’t subject to litigation. Unlike other bloggers, we are proud to have produced the full list of Zucchini […]

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