Daryl’s Domain Diaries: Chapter 4 – Fuck it all y’all

Daryl says: Fuck it all y'all

It’s seven twenty nine in the morning and I cannot sleep. Last night I went out to dinner with my buddies at some posh restaurant in downtown Seattle.

Dinner sucked.

The waitress, a 20-something blonde with large, fake boobs asked me if I wanted a refund. She also gave me a card with the restaurant web site, PoshFoodDiningSeattle.com

What a fine combination of shitty dining and a shitty domain!

On my way out, I told her, honey, you should get a refund for those silicone domes, they are far too large for your frame.

Anyway, at least beer was good.

Tossing and turning in bed, I thought about the past couple of years of domaining. It was good early on but not any more. Sometimes I have suicidal thoughts. I wonder what it’d be like to die in a large crash, slamming my camaro into a semi on the interstate. Fuck it all, y’all.

My diary is getting fuller day after day. I wonder what it’d be like if I were to sell it to a publishing company. I drink a lot and domain registration fees come at a beer price. So the question is, beer or domains?

Yeah. Fuck it all y’all.

Editor’s note: These are the Diaries of Daryl the Drunk Domainer, who passed away early this year. DomainGang acquired them and will be publishing them unedited.

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