Daryl says: Nukular disaster or war?

Daryl the Drunk Domainer

What’s up domainers?

I hear that there’s some nukular disaster over there at Fukushima, Japan and people are battling it out with radiation and stuff.

Fuk-u what?

Then there is some carpet bombing in Libya, after mad dog Gaddafi decided that the Internet should not be free.

Or something like that. Big mistake, towelhead.

The bottom line is this: it’s business as usual for us domainers.

We don’t care if three reactors are melting their rods in Japan, or if camels are being smoked in the Libyan desert.

Catch my drift? Domaining is above all.

Or so I thought, but last week it was Rick Schwartz and Chef Patrick battling it out over some WHOIS privacy argument. It got annoying after a while, let me tell you.

Did that stop you from using SnapNames? Not me. Because I’m a domainer baby, I register domains and drink beer – hence the Daryl the Drunk Domainer moniker.

Speaking of Moniker, I miss their old logo with the quill. Other than that, I don’t use them. Not because Chefster peeked under the hood of a domain, but because Fabulous.com is so much better.

In domaining, we have our own clan and our own way of doing things. Unless an asteroid flattens the earth I personally don’t care about tsunamis and radioactive water.

As long as my domains are safe, that’s all I care about.

Later peeps.

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One Response to “Daryl says: Nukular disaster or war?”
  1. BullS says:

    Cool Daryl- I am with you Bro.

    Smoked camel taste like chicken and with the weeds I got, you and I are in heaven.

    Domains can withstand any freaking nuclear attack.

    BullS aka the MarijuanaGuy.com

    passing the peace pipe to you…Daryl

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