Daryl says: Rick Schwartz and Rick Latona monopolize the big news

Daryl the Drunk Domainer dishes it out to both Ricks!

What’s up domainers?

There’s blood in the domain streets, can you feel it?

Let me explain.

First, Rick Latona pulls out of the auction market. Now I rarely go “wow” but this time, while I was having a cold one, I did go “WOW!”.

No sh*t, I did.

Rick tried with the web development market and AEIOUremember that one? Philippines-based developers turned around cheap designs by the dozen.

Except, there is little money to be made when you charge cheap prices to the end user, catch my drift?

So Rick’s auctions did not do well, although the guy had an auction platform superior to others. Even Sedo, the 800-lbs gorilla of the domain market has an auction system that leaves a lot to be desired.

Rick stopped his auction platform because it was impossible to get the message out there to the same number of people as Sedo.

And that’s the reason why the other Rick – Schwartz – is telling us this morning that it’s Moniker no more for his 4,500 domains. Ouch!

If there is someone that’s heard by the domaining masses, that’s Rick Schwartz. Still, I don’t know if setting the paradigm and pulling out 4,500 transfer codes at once is the smartest thing to do.

Although Moniker’s parent company, Oversee, played a silent game with regards to the Chef Patrick scandal, that was most likely an excuse for Rick to move onto greener pastures.

We are yet to be told which registrar will get Rick’s fabulous domains such as porno.com, sexo.com, ass.com and the rest of the portfolio.

So there you have it. Two Ricks deliver the big news this week and it looks like the battle of domains continues.

Screw it man, I am having a beer – they don’t call me Daryl the Drunk Domainer for no reason.

Later peeps.

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4 Responses to “Daryl says: Rick Schwartz and Rick Latona monopolize the big news”
  1. Anunt says:

    I like Rick Latona…

    but Rick Schwartz….different story

    always bitching like a teenage soap opera drama queen trying to make a huge deal out of something so small while looking for ass-kissers

    Rick S., if you want to move your freaking domains…go ahead…nobody is going to stop you or kiss your ass or beg for your business…

    move your freaking domains…nobody cares!

    but i recommend godaddy!

  2. BullS says:

    Screw Man…I am having a couple of puffs…they don’t called me the MarijuanaGuy.com for nothing

    Passing the peace pipe to you…Daryl

  3. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Anunt – I smell flowers.mobi 😀

    BullS – Shame on you for going “organic” 😛

  4. Jeff says:

    Maybe Daryl should change his name to Rick?

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