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Russian Billionaire Sergei Putanov: Why I didn’t spend $900,000 on DigitalDubai.com

Sergei Putanov was an Olympic champion with USSR in 1972 and he is still fit and strong.

It was the opportunity of a lifetime when Sergei Putanov, former Olympian in 1972 with the USSR boxing and karate teams, decided to move his investing fund corporation to Florida.

Sergei grew up in a poor family in Vladivostok, Russia. His father was a fisherman and his mother was busy giving birth and raising Sergei and his 12 brothers and one sister. Sports changed his life when he was selected by the Communist Party Sports Youth committee to become a boxer.

“Grew up fighting and still do so, with my hands and via corporations I invest in”, says Sergei Putanov with a smile that shows his gold teeth. “I learn from karate and boxing, to beat my opponent when they don’t expect it, I fight like Rocky Balboa you know”, he adds, while he’s drinking a fruit punch with vodka.

Putanov’s investing fund – Russian Bear Investments – moved to Florida in 1999, just in time for the millennium celebration. After securing land around Southeast Florida from Disney leftovers, he quickly turned the swamp into a multi-billion enterprise.

Dubai, Florida. A dream metropolis on the US East Coast, Dubai-Florida is comprised of 3,000 acres of prestigious sand, water and palm trees, ready for the shopping malls, hotels, restaurants and nightclubs that will be built on it. The sand, freshly imported from the Persian Gulf, after Sergei paid $120 million for it alone, will be a major element of the construction.

According to their annual report for 2009, Russian Bear Investments commands $7.8 billion dollars in assets, gold, diamonds and oil in the Caspian sea.

Sergei Putanov’s personal worth is about $4 billion dollars, if you count the numerous Picasso, Renoir and Matisse paintings that adorn the walls of his 12 room mansion.

“Soon, Dubai-Florida will be the biggest, most-talked about destination for rich Americans and Europeans, Asians, Africans and Middle Easterns”, says Sergei. “We have invested a ton of money but we are not brainless investors, we are being approached by crooks and scammers all the time”, he adds.

Sergei Putanov is a clever businessman, developing Dubai, Florida into a $2.75 billion enterprise.

Sergei owns a digital empire as well. Over 1,000 prestigious domain names that point to his corporate estate, nightclubs and restaurants. Sergei Putanov is a big contributor to Ohio State University and owns a karate academy for kids in Vladivostok – his home city back in Russia.

Sergei Putanov was recently approached by an Indian guy to purchase the domain name DigitalDubai.com. Always a skeptic, Sergei did not buy it right away. The seller’s background left a lot to be desired, as he apparently scammed and tried to defraud people on eBay by shilling the auction for DigitalDubai.com

“I have no tolerance for scum that don’t want to earn their life with hard work”, says Sergei. “That seller, tried to pull a fast one by doing a number of scams with domain names, winning them at auctions and then trying to flip the domains without paying the sellers. In Russia, I would have the boy’s legs broken the same night”, he adds, looking very serious.

The story unfolded at DNForum.com – the biggest forum on the Internet to discuss, sell and buy domain names. Through a broker, Sergei scouted the legitimacy of the offering of DigitalDubai.com whose seller listed it on eBay.

After a while, it was apparent that the $780,100 high bid on eBay was the result of shill bidding: using fake accounts to pump an auction in order to lure a buyer to pay inflated prices.

“That boy tried to defraud me and he’d better not get  much sleep knowing I will be visiting India in the coming weeks”, says Sergei. “I am generous with my friends and I am vicious with those that try to cheat me. I will make him eat his turban for dinner”, he says, looking very angry.

The end result: eBay pulled the auction after it was reported, DNForum banned the seller and apparently Interpol has been notified by Sergei Putanov to track down the scammer seller of DigitalDubai.com.

The same person, Ramandeep Singh, also won Airtel.com at a Pool.com auction and while he never paid for it, he tried to sell it on other venues. Ramandeep Singh also bid and won PeopleDating.com at Greatdomains.com and again tried to sell it without paying for it – clearly the attempts of a young and inexperienced scammer to profit from the goodwill of domainers and investors.

The guy who tried to scam by shill bidding DigitalDubai.com on eBay

Meanwhile, Sergei Putanov says Dubai-Florida will open its gates in mid-2012, with major celebrations launched worldwide. The project will attract an estimated 1,000,000 rich individuals from around the globe in its first year of operation, thus bringing new jobs and much-needed foreign investments to the Florida Space Coast.

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20 Responses to “Russian Billionaire Sergei Putanov: Why I didn’t spend $900,000 on DigitalDubai.com”
  1. Tia Wood says:

    I am glad you and Sergei uncovered this scam and once again protected Sergei’s investments. I hear rumors Sergei is looking to develop and invest in an internet bra. Is this true? If so, I have InternetBra.com.

  2. DFG says:

    My God, what a dipstick that seller was, trying to cheat eBay with fake bids! I saw the DNForum thread and it was the funniest shit ever! Let’s hope this guy goes to jail – after both his legs get broken, God willing.

  3. Sanjeep says:

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention, kindly. This person tried to sell these domains on forums here in India. Clearly he deserves jail time after the police is notified.

  4. Mahar says:

    Look what is going on, he even tried to pump it on Yahoo! http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100505231627AAExQGc

    What a crook.

  5. Ariyas says:

    He tried to promote it on all major Domaining forums.

  6. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Don’t mess with Sergei Putanov!

  7. steve says:

    Omg, this is the little jerk on dnforum that was crying. So I helped him out.

    I gave him digitaldubai.com to sell. I gave him biggerroom.com as well.
    He also got x7x.com

    This is how he repays my kindness, trying to scam people…
    Oh I am so mad.

    He was broke, poor, losing money, crying for help. I told him to stop buying domains for $2,000 and never paying for them. I guess he kept on doing it.

    Now he can pay for his crimes. What a little jerk, I can’t believe he repaid me this way.

  8. steve says:

    Here is his address from biggerroom.com
    He will get no more help from me. He abused my christian charity.

    Ramandeep singh
    Plot no.172 meenakshi garden
    New Delhi, Delhi 110018

    Domain Name: BIGGERROOM.COM
    Created on: 08-Mar-07
    Expires on: 08-Mar-11
    Last Updated on: 20-Apr-10

    Administrative Contact:
    singh, Ramandeep
    Plot no.172 meenakshi garden
    New Delhi, Delhi 110018
    +91.9999999553 Fax —

    Technical Contact:
    singh, Ramandeep
    Plot no.172 meenakshi garden
    New Delhi, Delhi 110018
    +91.9999999553 Fax —

    Domain servers in listed order:

  9. Raman says:

    Yes this me Raman and I am sorry what I have done.. I m leaving internet world forever now.

  10. Sergei Putanov says:

    Raman go and do not sin anymore. You are forgiven. Let this be a lesson about how to conduct business. You need to apologize to the DNForum people too by visiting DNForum and telling them what you did and that you are sorry. And email Steve who was so kind to give you the domains and help you out with your life.

  11. steve says:

    Thanks for the apology Raman , best wishes in your future endeavors.

  12. Raman says:

    See the proof here that scamming is not my practice… http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=1794660#post14160918

  13. Raman says:

    Sergei I am sorry for my big sin.. Steve was so kind. He consider me as his small brother but I killed his feelings. I want to meet you all my friends and bend in front of you. God bless you all. Sergei I want to talk to you one day by face. You are very loyal.
    My account of DNF is banned I have contacted admin there to open my account and I was sorry to owner of DNF also.


  14. Raman says:

    Now I think Sir Segie will never deal with me in future. He had so much expectations from this project of digitaldubai. I will come to see his city in 2012 and meet with the royal personality(Sir Sergie). I solute him…

  15. JJ says:

    Please tell Sergei that I have e-digitaldubai.tel for sale for cheap, only $500,000

  16. Allie says:

    Is Sergei aware that this Indian may not wear a turban? As I understand it, those who do are Sikhs, and belong to a very moral group. I presume that the pic above is not of the would-be perpetrator?

  17. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Allie – this is his picture. Not sure about the religious constraints of turban-wearing.

  18. heather says:

    strange how even today people try to scam in the domain market and they almost get away with it

  19. John says:

    Seem that Raman got himself banned on DP as well … whats going on Raman? Sergei is watching you and he is not happy

  20. He also mailed me to list his domain “DigitalDubai.com” for 10 million USD, in my domain broker site, i asked him to post a featured home page listing on the home page for a small fee. i personally feel that it is not no much fit to sell in millions, if it is so, i might have added it for free on my home page with out any fee. Listing on home page and selling top domains through my site is a fame for me. I didnt have any reply from then onwards from ramdeepsingh,


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