Original registrant sold it for $85,000 dollars to a domain investor

Despite its eventual legal woes, was hand-registered in late 2022 for $9.63 dollars, then flipped for a whopping $85,000 dollars. The amazing story of the domain matching one of the dominant brands in 2023, ChatGPT, began when an observant guy, Mike Santiago, watched a YouTube video about emerging technologies. One of the buzzwords in […]

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Suno AI: Out of stealth, music startup acquires the domain

Suno, a startup supported by venture capital, emerged from its stealth phase last December, with the mission to simplify songwriting and composition. Microsoft disclosed its collaboration with Suno by incorporating it into its AI software platform, Copilot. Unlike many other AI music applications, Suno, pronounced as “soon-oh” and translating to “listen” in Hindi, prioritizes crafting […]

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Sedo and InterNetX: Global Domain Report 2024 is now available to download

Sedo and InterNetX have released the latest edition of the Global Domain Report for 2024. The full report contains 80 pages of information, with valuable data and metrics; created jointly by InterNetX and Sedo—our kind sponsors—the report is a must-read for everyone in the domain industry. This is not a preview, it’s the full report and […]

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Domain Days Dubai 2024 is coming in November

Following the epic success of Domain Days Dubai last year, the event’s operators are now confirming that the domain conference will return in 2024 as well. Munir Badr, founder of Domain Days Dubai, shared exciting news about the conference: “I am now thrilled to share the news that we’re back and diligently planning the upcoming […]

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It’s all about domains: Sophie Pieck of

Simone Catania of InterNetX has conducted an exclusive interview with Sophie Pieck, Director of Business Development & a seasoned Sedo expert. In this in-depth conversation, Sophie pulls back the curtain on the thriving domain marketplace, revealing essential strategies, trends, and insights that could redefine success for domain investors and resellers alike. The interview presents a […]

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Sedo: Most searched keywords for February 2024

Sedo shared the latest information about the most searched keywords on the marketplace, in the month of February 2024. Remember: Our sponsor manages an extensive collection of millions of domain names, running the marketplace that simplifies the process of purchasing and selling domains, catering to both investors and end-users. What were the top-searched […]

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NOTO by Freename: Making Web3 internet accessible to all

Freename launched NOTO, a Web2 to Web3 bridging protocol that makes the access interoperable: From Web2 to Web3 and vice versa. This is a sponsored press release: Freename Launches NOTO: The Protocol That Makes Web3 Internet Accessible and Interoperable to All PRESS RELEASE. Zürich, 26th February 2024 – Freename AG, the leading provider of Web3 […]

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SnapNames auction refunds: Rare glitch or protectionism towards private domain sellers?

SnapNames is the sister company of NameJet; both marketplaces share the same domain inventory and even use the same front-end interface. In recent weeks, a series of domain auctions ended up being reversed, after the winners paid for the domain names. To each individual auction winner, SnapNames support claimed that each reversal incident was rare […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. Brokered Sedo deal is a domain gem hidden in the holiday hiatus

The aged domain was sold via a brokered Sedo deal during the holidays. Sedo handled the sale, delivering the domain to the buyer, Philippines-based Bravo Names. Selling a premium domain such as was the result of hard work by expert domain name broker Mark Ghoriafi, who moved to Sedo late last year. The […]

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Copilot key: Matching .com domain already for sale at Dan

A year ago, Microsoft announced the introduction of Copilot, a chatbot and a built-in feature for Microsoft Bing and Microsoft Edge. Based on a large language model (LLM), it is a replacement for the discontinued Cortana. A year later, the proliferation of AI chatbots able to perform tasks is taken by Microsoft to the next […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. CEO makes millions from a domain she bought on eBay!

Denise Coates, British founder and co-CEO of gambling company Bet365, earned a salary of $281 million dollars last year, along with at least half of the company’s $127 million dollars in stock dividends. While some critics in the UK call this type of salary “outrageous” it’s yet another demonstration of a personal success story, where […]

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Efty Pay: Here’s why not use the latest domain product by Efty

Efty, the domain-selling platform operating from, announced the imminent launch of Efty Pay, a domain name transfer engine that puts investors back in the driver’s seat. The company’s founder, Doron Vermaat, noted that the product’s launch will be reserved for the Efty Investor subscribers and it will utilize the services of a European payment […]

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