The Domain King: New trademark application aimed at leasing domains

The Domain King, Rick Schwartz, has been using his distinct brand since 1996. In 2001, Rick applied for the registration of the mark DOMAIN KING which was eventually registered in 2003. A full two decades later, Rick Schwartz is ready to up the domain game, by applying for the mark DOMAIN KING.COM – the new […]

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InterNetX new ebook download: NIS2—Unraveling the Directive

The great folks at InterNetX have released a new ebook about the ever-changing challenges of data privacy, applying it to cybersecurity and domain names. Titled NIS2: Unraveling the Directive, this free ebook by InterNetX provides an in-depth analysis of the legislation and illuminates key points that every domain professional must be aware of, regardless of […]

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Freename and MyCommodity launch WebUnited

Freename and MyCommodity announce the launch of WebUnited, a joint venture bridging Web2 and Web3 domains. Note: This post is sponsored by Freename. Zürich, 16th October 2023 – Freename AG, a leading provider of Web3 domain name services from Switzerland, and My Commodity SA, a Luxembourg subsidiary of ShortDot SA specializing in Web2 domain extensions, […]

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Uniregistry made domain investors tear up with final Tweet

Long after Uniregistry was acquired by GoDaddy, the company continued to provide excellent services to domain investors as a registrar and brokerage. Eventually, Uniregistry (Uni) shut down both as a domain registrar and its Uni Marketplace team moved to GoDaddy, aiming at finishing the job on Afternic 2.0. The Uni app was discontinued, was […]

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Domain registrar,, has been building up its platform to provide domain investors and end-users with solid management features. Note: is a premium sponsor of DomainGang; we are also a customer of Sav. founder, Anthos Chrysanthou, reached out to inform us of a new addition to exported data related to domain auctions. […]

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PacketVideo recovers stolen domains and via the UDRP process

PacketVideo Corporation, is a digital media services company based in San Diego, California. The company has used the names and marks PACKETVIDEO and the short form PV in connection with its services. The company filed a UDRP to reclaim ownership of the domain names and that were stolen. According to Complainant, in March […]

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Killer domain brokers & the best way to acquire domains

Domain names held “for profit” or used by businesses or individuals can be bought by other parties, when the price is “right.” Consider this scenario: A start-up forms and becomes successful quickly; their brand is taken by another party, years, perhaps decades ago. The ideal domain name is the exact match .com and acquiring it […]

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Dot .io #domain names are trending—Here’s why

Ever since the first registration of a dot .io domain in 1997, the ccTLD that Google treats as “generic” has grown to more than 1,100,000 domains. Seen as a reference to “input/output” and thus attracting the computer crowd, the popular extension carries several characteristics, making it appealing to tech companies, gaming and e-sports websites, and […]

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GDS photos with Sedo: Chinese conference unveils existence of .FC domain name!

Global Digital Summit 2023 took place in Wuxi, China, between June 14-16; the multi-discipline event attracted several thousand attendees from China and the rest of the world. Sedo attended the GDS conference, with CMO Christian Voss attending in person. There were several great moments captured by Christian from at the Wuxi event: Although these look […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. Domain Investment Index Q1/2023 boasts 61.6% sales volume increase released its Domain Investment Index for Q1/2023, reporting a 61.6% increase in total domain name volume, growing from $80.3M in Q4/2022 to $129.8M in Q1/2023. A resurgence in domain names sales was seen in Q1/2023 as the total volume was at its highest since Q2/2022. Several mega domains, including, and, were […]

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The domain was registered in 2004 by Mr. Evan Wagner. According to records, the registrant is an independent contractor specializing in cable TV plant design. Mr. Wagner also worked at AT&T as CAD Operations Manager for its Broadband division, before moving to Comcast—quite an impressive resume. Techdd stood for “Technical Design & Drafting” […]

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Domain rebranding: Buyer of flipped it for a nice profit

At the beginning of the year, the buyer of the domain name acquired it at an auction of expired .AI domains for the sum of $610 dollars. That sales amount seems to be a great bargain, for a popular, generic ccTLD that matches the “PDF” keyword. Indeed, the person who acquired just 5 […]

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