Shocking domain rebranding to a lesser brandable

When you operate from a generic keyword .com domain such as you have to consider potential negative connotations. Registered in 1995, this beauty of a domain appears to project assertive vibes; since late 2012 it has been used by a traveling/camp planning company with a global footprint. Although the domain name was acquired […]

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Chinese brands in the wild: No matching domain names, but who cares!

Quick fact: Chinese products sold internationally are designed to use brands that are discoverable using search engines, without the need for domain names. Whether you use Google, Amazon, or Alibaba, Chinese brands don’t follow the Western “generic” keyword approach. For a while now, China’s government is going the extra mile of subsidizing the cost of […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. Rare drop of a binary NNN .com sends auction into six figures

The domain name (zero one zero) dropped recently, after its Korea-based registrant, KT Corporation, failed to renew it. It’s unthinkable that KT Corporation dropped intentionally as they are in the possession of more than 2,000 domain names, the majority being and .kr and therefore of lesser value. Originally registered in 1998, […]

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Domain portfolio scalability: It’s what does best moving into the GoDaddy group of companies was the news of the day, yesterday. The European start-up is a DomainGang sponsor and has been the domain selling platform for domainers by and large, increasing its inventory at a steady rate: 2.2 million domains currently use the DNS. And there lies the secret of […]

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The FBI shut down SSNDOB Marketplace criminal platform, seized domains

The FBI has shut down the SNNDOB Marketplace and seized its associated domain names. The illicit marketplace made an estimated $19 million dollars by selling the personal data of about 24 million US citizens, according to the Justice Department. The acronym SSNDOB stands for Social Security Number and Date Of Birth; it operated through a […]

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Mike Mann is ready for Domain Battles!

Domain investor, Mike Mann, likes to refer to himself as the “king” – the internet pioneer and entrepreneur is known for taking on his opponents during investment battles. A recent post by Elliot of DomainInvesting could have hit a nerve with many domain investors, what with Elliot sharing his competitive attitude among domainer friends even. Elliot […]

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Insane domains: What do these #DropCatch auctions have in common?

We’ve been following some DropCatch auctions and they all have something in common. These expired domains dropped and were auctioned off for 3 days at DropCatch, the 800 lbs gorilla of domain-catchers. Many domain investors are using the service to catch domains that were not renewed. One of them appears to have an insanely large […]

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Bob Parsons: #GoDaddy founder’s life-changing LLL .com #domain

GoDaddy founder, Bob Parsons, rocked the 2000’s by taking GoDaddy out of a garage business and propelling it as the #1 domain registration services provider in the world. Bob Parsons embraced the media controversy he was painted with, including photo ops with an elephant killed at an African safari, along with overly sexualized commercials and […]

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Small bets: Ready to accept a lowball offer with a “joint venture” caveat

Placing a lowball offer for a domain name takes place in two ways: Either the initial offer is objectively lower than the asking price, or The counter-offer isn’t respected In the case of, entrepreneur Daniel Vassallo believed that countering with a $5,500 dollar offer to a $300k asking price was a fun move up […]

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#Russia’s stock market and the value of related #domain names

The Russian stock market has remained closed for a record fourth day today, following unprecedented global sanctions against the country. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, an aggressive and unprovoked act of war, has united most of the civilized world; imposing financial sanctions against Russian interests is the most peaceful way to inflict harm to its war […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. Viral kids’ video/song publisher gets matching .com domain in #UDRP

“Baby Shark” is a children’s song and dance; originally a campfire song, “Baby Shark” became very popular in 2016, when Pinkfong, a South Korean entertainment company, released a version of the song with a YouTube music video that went viral across social media, online video and radio. In November 2020, Pinkfong’s version became the most-viewed […]

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Minting NFTs? Don’t use subdomains

If you’re rolling out a fun new NFT, such as the Paradise Trippies, there’s one thing you should not do. No, it’s not about how many pre-minting (aka whitelisted) passes you give away, something that the Metasaurs NFT went all in. Once you choose the main domain that represents your NFT, don’t use subdomains. For […]

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