Should you use #Zelle as a payment method for your #domain sales?

Domain sales involve a third party fund handler most of the time. Whether it’s PayPal,, or the Uniregistry Market, the process means that when money changes hands, someone else other than the seller gets to keep a portion of it. Zelle is a relatively new method of inter-bank fund transfers. It’s only for US […]

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Father #Domainicus and the true meaning of the #Domain Church

Greetings and salutations, my domainer brothers and sisters; this is Father Domainicus on a chilly Sunday morning. Oh what a titillating sensation to see the godly light cast onto the fine droplets of dew balancing onto plants and flowers. This very Sunday before the festive days of Christmas, I would like to talk to you […]

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#Domain rebranding : Premium domain name Liquid .com used as #crypto project

The premium domain sold for $750,000 dollars this year. According to Namebio, the sale occurred in March. Not much was disclosed about the buyer at the time, but now it’s been announced that the domain and the liquid brand are being used for a new blockchain investment and cryptocurrency exchange project. The brand’s […]

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Video : The #domain industry puts outsiders to sleep!

Domain industry professionals can have a hard time explaining to family and friends what exactly they do. The discussion about domain names, TLDs, ccTLDs, new gTLDs and other assorted domain name jargon, can be shorten the attention span of others. Imagine when your prideful descriptions are so boring, that can put others to sleep! 😀 […]

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Registered a #domain name early on? Shame on you!

If you registered a domain name early on, and someone else wants it now, shame on you! This is the attitude prevalent in today’s start-ups, and one has to deal with such responses when pricing domains: “The only thing you did was claiming this domain much earlier than anyone else. “ Let’s dissect this sentence, […]

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Divyank Turakhia video interview : From a gift of $500 to $1.5 billion dollar fortune

Divyank Turakhia has been involved with the domain community and media marketing for most of his adult life; the 36 year old entrepreneur from India is highly successful. Along with his brother Bhavin, the Turakhia Brothers often receive extensive press coverage. In an hour long video interview to Patrick Bet-David of Valuetainment, Divyank Turakhia talks […]

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#DomainSpa : Fifteen year ago, #domains after the dot-com bust of 2000

Fifteen years ago, DomainSpa was busy capitalizing on the dot-com bust aftermath. The brain child of the late entrepreneur, Igal Lichtman, DomainSpa was a small, private label for monetizing domain names. Lichtman seized an opportunity, when he realized that many companies that went under in 2000-2002 failed to renew their domains, that were often single […]

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Editorial : Brace for the era of #domain anarchy, once #WHOIS goes dark

Welcome to the May editorial; it’s the month of flowers, and nothing blooms more aggressively than the thorny issue of GDPR. A mix of rules and penalties, allegedly devised to protect the privacy of Europe’s citizens, this far-reaching law will release its stinky aroma on May 25th. The European Union is a loose geopolitical and […]

Copyright © 2019 · All Rights Reserved. : Premium two letter #domain sold via

The ultra-premium, two letter domain has been sold, and the transaction took place via the Concierge service. Registered in 1990, was in the hands of Chinese domain investors for several years, and it was brokered for sale, according to this capture via DomainTools: The new owners are located in Hong Kong, and […]

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#Bloggers will pay $920 dollars to stay online in #Tanzania

If you’re a domain blogger in the African nation of Tanzania, things are getting tough. Not only will all bloggers have to register their personal information, they have to pay the Tanzanian government a fee of about $920 dollars. That’s right. Almost a thousand bucks for the “privilege” to be a blogger, whether about domain […]

Copyright © 2019 · All Rights Reserved. : Twenty year old #domain sold for $100,000 dollars

The ultra-generic domain,, has been sold for six figures. According to a statement made by independent domain broker, Kate Buckley, was sold for $100,000 dollars. Registered in 1998, had been listed for sale on Sedo as well. The term “provider” is heavily associated with health care, and health care providers, primarily in […]

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Hobi Michalec of Lumis : This is how I close #domain deals!

Domain broker, Hobi Michalec, can be on the go for days; the physically active broker loves to hike and snowboard in the mountains of Utah. As part of the Lumis team of expert domain brokers, Hobi strives to keep in touch with his numerous clients, buyers and sellers, no matter what. “Up in the Utah […]

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