Meta filed several UDRP cases for “MetaVerified” but apparently bought the .com

Meta, Inc., the umbrella company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, filed several UDRP cases to defend its “Meta” mark. Not long after the company’s domain rebranding, enterprising domainers rummaged the entire word dictionary, adding “meta” left and right. In February 2023, Meta began testing out Meta Verified, a subscription bundle for its Meta creators. Meta […]

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Who this? domain up for sale by your favorite mega-registrant

The gang of Houthis are terrorizing the south end of the Suez canal, keeping the captains of thousands of merchant vessels on the helm 24/7. The Houthis are basically a gang of Yemen-based Islamist political and military operators that align with the extremist rulers of Iran. With thousands of merchant ships transporting goods through the […]

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It’s official: HugeDomains has killed the domain In November, we pointed out that despite an expiration date of June 8, 2025, was in redemption, all while HugeDomains removed it from its inventory of domains for sale: Apparently, was intentionally deleted by HugeDomains, as it was registered at NameBright, the sister company of […]

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Has HugeDomains killed

Vladimir Putin is Russia’s so-called “president” and the man who commanded the invasion of Ukraine almost 9 months ago. Since then, thousands have died; while killed Russian soldiers form the majority of human losses, Ukraine’s civilians & soldiers are the innocent victims of this brutal war caused by Russia’s “president.” A few months ago we […]

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“Top Gun: Maverick” – HugeDomains and the matching .com domain

“Top Gun: Maverick” broke the previous record for a movie released during the Memorial Day weekend. The highly anticipated sequel brought in $156 million dollars at the domestic box office as of Monday morning and $252.7 million dollars worldwide. The movie’s rave reviews attracted those of us old enough to be fans of the 1986 […]

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Trusted Contacts has an interesting story shared by both Facebook,—now Meta—and Google. In 2013, Facebook (Meta) opened “Trusted Contacts” publicly, renaming it from a closed-beta “Trusted Friends.” The Facebook version of “Trusted Contacts” is as follows: Choose people you trust, like friends you’d give a spare key to your house. Choose people you can reach […]

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Rick Schwartz is planning a Stud Party! is the current venture actively worked on by the Domain King, Rick Schwartz. Aimed at becoming a multi-discipline venture capital platform, recently launched in a limited, beta format. But is not where the buck ends, as Rick Schwartz is planning some type of event to go with it, or perhaps a “stud […]

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HugeDomains gets huger via Reverse Domain Name Hijacking decision on

HugeDomains is the biggest privately held domain portfolio holder this side of the Caucasus. The domain investing company manages about 5 million domain names, more or less, with a recently rumored acquisition of the Nokta portfolio. A recent decision on a UDRP filed against the domain demonstrates that HugeDomains actively responds to such threats. […]

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Nokta sale of #domain portfolio to HugeDomains

Nokta Domains, the Turkish domain portfolio holder and subsidiary of media communications company Nokta, has reportedly engaged in a business transaction with HugeDomains. The transaction involves a large portion of the Nokta portfolio that was moved to HugeDomains. Sourced by Turkish domain investor Domainler, the news translates as follows: “HugeDomains has acquired a large portion […]

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If you’re a “Russophobe” then you’re displaying prejudice, fear or hatred against Russia, the Russians, and Russian culture. Current events that involve Russia’s unprovoked invasion in Ukraine have triggered several economic measures against the country. But is one a “Russophobe” simply by pointing out the truth? Russia is the aggressor and Ukrainians are being killed […]

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Want to make a cool $1,000,000 dollars? Get Putin, “dead or alive.” Russian entrepreneur Alex Konanykhin shared these words in a post he published on social media this week, as Russia continued its relentless attack of Ukraine. According to the Jerusalem Post, the LinkedIn post was accompanied by an image of Putin and the words […]

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Pop star and actor Selena Gomez announced the launch of her new venture, Wondermind, a platform focused on connecting people with educational resources and ending the stigma around mental illnesses. Gomez teamed up with her mother, Mandy Teefey, and Daniella Pierson to create the media company, set to launch in February 2022. The company is […]

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