Here you can view a few quotes and testimonials about DomainGang from domain industry individuals and companies. This list will be getting updated constantly.

“I start my day with coffee and DomainGang. The 100% true stories keep me engaged and the parody articles always leave me laughing. DG keeps me coming back for more.”
Edward Zeiden, NamePros.com

“I may be an uberdomaining phenomenon, but I still put my pants on one leg at a time and I get my industry news from the smartest, funniest repository of domain info on the web – right here at DomainGang.com. Keep on keeping it real!”
~ Frank Schilling, Internet Traffic

“Without DomainGang and Lucius “Gunz” Fabrice, where would we turn to for the most thrilling domaining industry news and satire?! We enjoyed reading some very amusing DomainTools highlights last year, including the revamp of our Reverse Whois, the exposure of a Facebook bully thanks to Whois History, and the domainer complaining about DomainTools ads. Happy 3rd anniversary, DomainGang!”
~ Monica Gordon, DomainTools

“Thanks to attention-grabbing “fake” news headlines and “fantastical” feature stories, DomainGang offers an offbeat view into who’s who and what’s what in the domain industry that appeals to the smartest, savviest domainers out there.  Advertising on DomainGang has been one of the best ways we have found to reach out to that sometimes mysterious — always elusive — domain investor.”
~ .CO Internet SAS, Marketing Team

“Did you know that the Domain King is actual royalty? Or that Top Level Domains may only be purchased from the top floor of your office building? You may get halfway through a seemingly informative article at DomainGang like those before realising you’ve been had yet again! Lucius and the DomainGang writers bring a lighthearted and often hilarious viewpoint of the domaining world and I always look forward to reading their next article.”
~ Paul Goldstone, IGoldrush

“The domain gang captures the light heartedness of our industry so well. It’s easy to get lost in a story, imagining if only the satirical story were true. Love the site!”
~ Scott Fish

“If you want to make an entertainment pause in your day I recommend you read DomainGang.com They expose domain news with humor and through an unbiased point of view. A tip, look for posts flagged as “100%” they are for me the best ones. Continue the great job!”
~ Francois Carrillo / Domaining.com

“I placed an advertising order for 30 days on DomainGang.com and not only was I able to place a large banner on the blog, but the writers went the extra mile by creating multiple eye catching and informational articles related to my upcoming event, DNCruise.com. I highly recommend anyone considering advertising in the industry to explore opportunities with DomainGang.com if ad space is available.”
~ Chef Patrick of ChefPatrick.com and DNCruise.com

“DomainGang is an original mix of news and humor told in true Jon Stewart style, with the occasional gem that makes you step back and think about the industry we are in.”
~ Bill Kara of Hallpass Media

“DomainGang is where I go for all of my “fake” domain industry news.  No but seriously folks, I’m serious!  Go there often.  You’ll ROTFLOL – for real!”
~ Lori Anne Wardi, dot .CO

“DomainGang is important to the Domain industry for the same reason that The Colbert Report is to politics (remember to attend Colbert’s Keep Fear Alive! rally at the Washington Mall on 10/20) 🙂 . In parody there is a truth that is not usually exposed by simple news.”
~ David J. Castello of the Castello Cities Internet Network, Inc.

“Sedo has been delighted with Domain Gang’s coverage over the last year. Together we have celebrated many highlights, including the unveiling of our Alien PPC Species, SedoDNA, and the public introduction of the faces of Sedo with the launch of the new Sedo.com interface. Most recently we celebrated Domain Gang by importing Lucius to Boston and carousing with him at our headquarters. Congratulations Domain Gang for doing your part to keep us all from taking ourselves too seriously! Happy Birthday, and Sedo wishes you many happy returns!”
~ Helga-Alice von Susteren, Sedo’s Homepage Greeter! AKA: The Sedo Marketing Team

“Holy Cow, 1 year already! Amazing that the Feds still haven’t gotten around to busting the Domain Gang! They must be too busy laughing along with the rest of us. Just goes to show – time flies when you’re having fun. Happy 1st anniversary to DG and their partners in crime!”
~ Ron Jackson, DNJournal.com

DomainGang.com has been quick to break some of the most exciting industry news over the last 12 months. Two things I’ve learned since their launch is, nothing gets by their world-class reporters, so protect your Facebook and Twitter accounts.  Also, never agree to interviews after a few drinks, as I learned the hard way. In all seriousness, DomainGang.com has been an entertaining addition to my daily blog reading, even if they did dig up dirt on my failed acting career. Happy Birthday DomainGang.com!
~ Mike Robertson, Business development manager – Fabulous.com