Respondent’s claims didn’t sway experienced UDRP panelist

Some people will invent all types of back stories regarding the meaning of domains, as in the case of that ended up in a UDRP. The FIVERR mark has been registered since 2011, citing first use in 2010. Meanwhile, the domain was registered in 2020. In the ensuing UDRP, the Respondent claimed that the […]

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Limble Solutions, Inc. filed a UDRP to usurp the domain from its domain investor registrant. The domain is listed for sale at SquadHelp with a $56,000 dollar price tag. According to the UDRP: The Respondent contends it purchased the Disputed Domain Name at a GoDaddy auction on July 16, 2021, because it was a […]

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Registering a domain matching the initials of a world-famous brand such as BMW can be quite risky. Offering to sell them the domain for thousands of dollars, or for a luxury car, is a sure path to losing it. The UDRP process was initiated by Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW) against a Georgian individual […]

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YSL means Youth Service Learning, according to UDRP

The YSL mark and acronym is world famous; anyone attempting to use the Yves Saint Laurent brand, established in 1962, in an infringing manner would soon find out. In the case of the domain name, its registrant has parked it at Dan with a pointless and thinly veiled disclaimer: YSL stands for the following: […]

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The registrant of the domain lost it via the UDRP process, despite the domain’s registration 9 years before the Complainant established its mark. The Respondent objected to the panel’s competence and requested that the proceedings be suspended due to concurrent court proceedings in Russia. However, the panel ultimately decided in favor of VOODOO, Complainants […]

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Technical Unique Venture Pakistan: Tüv Nord lost UDRP despite famous trademark

Tüv Nord AG is a German company that has established a technical accreditation certificate process, indicated by its famous TÜV mark. The mark was registered in 1980 in Germany and the company was formed in the 1860s. Therefore, the TÜV existed already at the dawn of the commercial internet in the early 1990s. The company […]

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Ebay fires UDRP salvo against Trademark Clearinghouse!

Fresh from the “it can’t be really this stupid” department comes the UDRP filed by eBay for a number of gTLD domains, and here’s why. The domains are:,,,,,,,,,,,,, and – all of which are registered with Hosting Concepts B.V. d/b/a […]

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Not even a UDRP can stop the “Cocaine Bear”—Matching .com domain remains with Respondent

Cocaine Bear is a viral fantasy movie involving a bear high on cocaine. It’s a spinoff of a true story involving a bear that died after ingesting a bag of cocaine; in the movie, the bear becomes addicted and ravages through a forest. The UDRP involves a dispute between Kentucky for Kentucky LLC (“Complainant”) and […]

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Novomatic AG filed a UDRP to usurp the aged, seemingly generic domain name Registered way back in 1997, is used as a forward to the domain The Canadian respondent secured counsel who sought a finding of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking. While that finding wasn’t granted by the single member panel at the […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. domain hack: Seven years of renewals down the sink

The registrant of the domain name believed he scored a nice “domain hack” that matches NESCAFE, the popular coffee brand. The domain was registered seven years ago and the current renewal price is around $40 dollars. All these renewal fees were flushed down the sink drain, however, as Société des Produits Nestlé S.A., Switzerland, operators […]

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WIPO panelist: rggwgrwg wrgwrgw is presumably fake

A UDRP that was filed against a group of domains targeting Swiss Bank Cler AG customers with phishing campaigns, ended with an outcome that favored the Complainant. These domains belonged to four individuals, one of which is named “Ivan Popov” – an ultra common name in Russia, indicating that it’s just an alias. Others, however, […]

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Empower Media Partners LLC filed a UDRP to usurp the domain from its registrant. The Respondent in this case is a Canadian citizen that incorporated as Empower 360 Inc. in 2007; it acquired the disputed domain in 2010. Meanwhile, the Complainant registered the mark EMPOWER in 2018 with the USPTO. The three member panel […]

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