UDRP ends with The Trump Organization being the loser

The registrant of the domain was strong-armed via the UDRP process by DTTM Operations LLC, which is operated as an affiliate of The Trump Organization that owns and controls trademarks on behalf of the group. The case was lost for the Complainant, as the WIPO panelist noted: “The Panel does not find on this […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. UDRP: Panelist deprived Respondent of a RDNH finding

The UDRP filed against the domain was based on a trademark registered in 2023 by German company, Münchener Rückversicherungs-Gesellschaft Aktiengesellschaft. The SQUALIFY mark was applied for in 2022, but the domain was registered before the mark’s registration. The domain’s Chinese registrant represented themselves and pointed out the facts, falling short of securing a finding […]

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Not so wyze: Chinese squatter lost UDRP for

The epitome of cybersquatting is when you take that infringing domain and monetize it by selling products that are knockoffs of these sold by the trademark holder. In the case of the domain, the Chinese squatter used the domain to sell knockoff products of Wyze Labs, creators of high-quality, easy-to-use smart home products under […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. UDRP ends up with Reverse Domain Name Hijacking decision

When you file a UDRP against a domain registered in 2012, you’d better be in the possession of a more senior mark. In the case of, however, Mr. Patrick Schur of Switzerland filed a UDRP on the basis of a mark he acquired in 2019. There would be no way for the Registrant to […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. Maltese corporation filed UDRP trying to buy 3 vowels

XNT Ltd. is an international investment services company based in Malta. They registered the EXANTE mark in various jurisdictions, and some of these marks are being challenged or in the process of being canceled, e.g. in the UK. The company filed a UDRP to usurp the domain from UnitedHealth Group Incorporated, a company that […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. Real person beats French film colossus

Pathe Marques, is a company incorporated under the laws of France since 1999, and a member of the Pathe Group, a major film production and distribution company. The company owns the PATHE mark and is very protective of its brand; in a recent UDRP case they filed against the domain, they surprisingly lost. How […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. operators apply for the registration of the matching mark

Rocketgenius, Inc. DBA Gravity Forms, operators of the premium domain name, have filed for the registration of the matching mark, GRAVITY.COM, with the USPTO. The intent to use application involves a standard character mark, for the following products/services: Application service provider featuring application programming interface (API) software for capturing, storing and managing online forms, […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. Domain investor scores Reverse Domain Name Hijacking outcome

A domain investor from Canada scored a decisive victory against Snap! Mobile, an American fundraising services provider that targeted their domain,, via the UDRP process. Despite the Complainant’s claim to the SNAP MOBILE mark they provided no evidence of such early use, other than it being the company’s name. Such use, however, does not […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. Complainant choked on fruit domain defended by domainer!

Domain investor Bill Patterson served a sweet, juicy fruit to the Complainant of a UDRP involving the domain Simply put, the domain is put together from two dictionary words and describe a “red fig” more than anything else. Meanwhile, Redfig LLC asserted rights to the domain because of a trademark that they registered in […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. UDRP: Complainant failed to catch WIPO panel asleep

The domain name became the subject of a UDRP filed by Sleep Number Corporation. The company asserted that the domain was used by them from 2000 to 2018 but then someone allegedly stole it. After it became obvious that the Respondent didn’t steal the domain but rather won it via a Sedo auction which […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. Unsolicited offer led to UDRP; Reverse Domain Name Hijacking finding

The UDRP filed against the aged domain didn’t end well for the Complainant. Playhouse International Pty Ltd, Australia launched its adult content business in 2020 and attempted to usurp the domain name via the UDRP process. The domain’s Canadian registrant noted that the domain was acquired for a “substantial sum” due to its generic […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. Domain feud between a German and a Swiss; who won the ADR?

A German individual named Andreas Schmidt filed an Alternative Dispute Resolution case (ADR) against the domain; he alleged that the domain has been dormant since its registration in 2006. In the process, it was unveiled that the Respondent was mis-targeted as they are only the administrators of the domain. The registrant is in fact […]

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