UDRP decision favors Respondent and this is why

The UDRP filed against the domain, a domain registered just weeks ago, did not fare well for the Complainant, Tassel Ridge Winery LLC. Despite a lack of response by the Respondent, the sole panelist at the Forum noted that the Complainant’s mark is pretty much unknown. On top of that, the PPC ads displayed […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. UDRP was denied with no finding of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking

The aged domain was used for decades as an acronym representing General Parts, Inc. A lapse in displaying an obvious landing page, however, led the Great Plains Ventures, Inc. to file a UDRP complaint. The Respondent proved that they used the domain along with a registered trademark for many years, utilizing the subdomain for […]

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The registrant of held the domain continuously since its registration in 2000. Almost a quarter of a century later, Ziip Inc filed a UDRP to get the domain on the basis of a trademark that was registered in 2015. The WIPO panelist noted that the domain was not registered and used in bad faith, […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. Michael Gargiulo trumps DTTM Operations LLC via the UDRP process

A UDRP filed against the registrant of the domain name, Michael Gargiulo, has been decided upon. The three member WIPO panel concluded that DTTM Operations LLC, managers of intellectual property related to Mar-a-lago, former president Donald Trump’s prestigious club in Florida, have no basis to seek the transfer of the domain name. Among the […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. UDRP decision a victory for Respondent & another one for John Berryhill

The registrant of the domain acquired it at an auction for $5,044 dollars. The domain is now listed for sale for $1,000,000 dollars on Afternic. Equentia SCF Technologies Private Limited, India, claimed rights to the CREDABLE mark which allegedly enjoys fame not just in India, but also in Singapore, Indonesia, and the United Arab […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. Elite runner lashes out about “rich f@ckers” in colorful UDRP response

An elite runner from Belgium was served with a UDRP filed by Groupe Courir of France; the domain that he registered as a blog was “accidentally” parked for sale on Afternic and Sedo. The Respondent used colorful language in his short response to the WIPO panel, to defend his registration of the domain that […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. UDRP against domain involved the GOVWELL trademark

TL Software Inc., operating from the domain, filed a UDRP to get the domain They noted that their GOVWELL mark is good enough against the Respondent’s mark GOV WELL (added space) despite pending registration with the USPTO still. Not so fast, said the Forum Panelist: However, as stated above and according to the […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. Italian Complainant fails “bad” UDRP with Reverse Domain Name Hijacking finding

MALO S.p.A. is an Italian company that believed it’d be cool to challenge the ownership of the domain; its registrant’s last name being Malo. With malo meaning “bad” in Spanish, it’s no wonder the case delivered a refusal of the domain’s transfer. The WIPO panelist was clear: The Panel believes that the Complainant should […]

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InGoldenVoice: Domain trio hit with UDRP thanks to NameSilo DNS switch

A trio of “InGoldenVoice” domains were hit with a UDRP, after the domains’ registrar allegedly switched the DNS and served PPC ads. Goldenvoice LLC took offense at the registrations of the domains,, and and filed a UDRP. The primary reason: They served PPC ads and “relevant searches” links, including terms that are […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. Aged domain was hit with UDRP—Respondent won and here’s why

The domain name was registered in 2005, a full 19 years ago. Freedom Group Inc. filed a UDRP on the basis of its USPTO registration of  the RINSTAR mark, which took place in 2008, with a date of first use in 2007. Unfortunately for the Complainant, the Respondent has held the domain continuously since […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. UDRP: Dutch company failed to match trademark with #domain

A Dutch company operating with the ECOSAVERS mark since 2008, filed a UDRP to usurp the domain from its registrant. The domain was registered in 2003. The Respondent is a Cayman-based company that acquired the expired domain in a GoDaddy auction in 2019, spending just $323 dollars. In their response, they claimed that the […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. UDRP: LLL .com successfully defended against Mexican vitamin corp

The domain was registered in 2000; the Mexican holder of the JYE mark filed a UDRP to usurp the domain. Some key points made by the WIPO panel: The three member panel at the WIPO noted that the description of the Complainant’s business provided on the Alibaba account of the Complainant […] states that […]

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