Domain Christmas miracle: Million dollars given to charitable person, 30 years later

The brothers Karamazov in 1992

Tracie was boarding a plane from Budapest, headed for New York City, after a successful seminar on political science. She settled into her seat and prepared for the long flight ahead.

As she looked around the cabin, she noticed two young men sitting nearby. They were clearly brothers, with the same dark blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. They were also clearly refugees from the collapsing USSR, as they were carrying all of their belongings in battered old suitcases.

Tracie couldn’t help but feel sorry for the brothers, and she approached them to strike up a conversation. As they chatted, she learned that they were trying to start a new life in America, but they didn’t have much money to their name.

Feeling a sense of compassion, Tracie pulled out her wallet and handed the brothers $100 dollars. She told them to use the money to invest in something that could help them get ahead.

The brothers were overjoyed and thanked Tracie profusely. They took the money and went to a nearby internet cafe, where they registered a .com domain name for a website they had been dreaming of starting. It was one of the first 100 .com domains ever registered.

Fast forward 30 years, and Tracie was now a successful executive for a cryptocurrency start-up in New York City. She was sitting in her office one day when she received a surprise visit from the two brothers she had met on the plane all those years ago.

They were now successful entrepreneurs in the cryptocurrency and NFT business, and they had come to thank Tracie for her generosity. They told her that the website they had started with the money she had given them had become a huge success ten years ago; they sold it for more than $200 million dollars and they wanted to repay her kindness.

The two brothers, Fyodor and Dmitri Karamazov, presented Tracie with a check for $1 million dollars, a small token of their appreciation. Tracie was shocked and overwhelmed, and she couldn’t help but tear up at their kind gesture. She could finally retire and move to her dream destination of Hawaii.

She thanked the brothers for their generosity and told them how proud she was of their success. She knew that she had played a small part in helping them achieve their dreams, and she felt grateful to have been able to help them in some small way.

“Registering a .com domain early on with that $100 dollars was the best thing we ever did,” said Dmitri Karamazov, wiping off tears. “We learned this important lesson early on, thanks to you!”

Fyodor Karamazov nodded, adding:

“Even crypto and NFT can’t survive on the Web3 without a domain and it better be a .com or you might end up in jail like the FTX guy.”

The brothers Karamazov left Tracie’s office with smiles on their faces, knowing that they had repaid the kindness that Tracie had shown them all those years ago, and Tracie knew that she would always remember the two refugee brothers from the former USSR and the small act of kindness that had changed their lives – with a .com domain.

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