Seven with Sedo:,,, and 283 other .CO domains in auction

Sedo, our premium sponsor, is rolling out a week-long .CO auction of hand-picked domain names. Featuring 286 .CO domains the Sedo .CO auction takes place between July 18-25, 2024. All domains are listed with a low reserve price of 99 (USD/EUR/GBP.) From the list we picked 7 domains for this edition’s “Seven with Sedo.” Naturally, […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. UDRP: A 1994 domain saved with Reverse Domain Name Hijacking decision

The WIPO handled the UDRP between Young Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Xiaopeng Zhou, registrant of the domain name, registered in 1994. Young Pharmaceuticals claimed that the domain name, identical to their trademark YOUNG, was used in bad faith and sought its transfer. However, the panel found that the Respondent, a domain investor, had no prior […]

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Global terminal outage as Cloud Brokers join Atom program en masse!

Since 4:49am Eastern time today, a global outage has affected terminals and other smart devices with a screen around the globe, crashing systems and disrupting the normal flow of travelers. The incident is under investigation by Microsoft and a cursory analysis indicates that it’s due to more than 300,000 people joining the Atom Cloud Broker […]

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Domain magic: Namecheap handles almost 15,000 support tickets a day

Running a domain registrar is not suited for the faint-hearted. It’s not just the financial burden and the obligations to security and data privacy but also the amount of work associated with supporting your products, including domain names under management (DUM.) To operate successfully and be commercially viable, domain registrars need to demonstrate reliability and […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. Domain Investment Index report for Q2/2024 released its Domain Investment Index report for the second quarter (Q2/2024) of this year. It is an important quarterly report that takes the pulse of the domain industry’s metrics. In Q2/2024, facilitated domain name sales totaling $90 million USD, a 7% increase from the total of $84 million USD in domain name sales […]

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Spartan Simplicity: Streamlining your domain portfolio for maximum impact

The Spartans were a Greek tribe known for their simplicity and focus, traits that contributed significantly to their military prowess. Their austere lifestyle and disciplined approach to training and combat enabled them to build one of the most effective military forces in ancient Greece; it also led to the modern use of the word spartan […]

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Unstoppable Domains issues statement on corporate domain hijacking

Unstoppable Domains, a provider of decentralized registration services for domains that reside on the blockchain, lost access to managing its content for less than a day. The company’s web domain and web site were under the control of hijackers for roughly 17 hours, beginning Thursday, July 11th. In early afternoon the following day, Unstoppable Domains […]

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Athenian Agility: Adapting quickly to market changes in domain investing

The Athenians, Greek citizens of Athens, were renowned for their agility and adaptability, traits that helped them navigate various military and political challenges. Their ability to innovate and adjust strategies in the face of adversity was instrumental in their success, particularly during the Greek-Persian Wars, where their naval prowess and strategic ingenuity led to victories […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. UDRP results in victory for famous trademark holder

In the UDRP case of Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG v. jan jilek, the Complainant, a German audio products company, contested the registration of the domain name by the Respondent from Croatia. The domain was listed for sale at EUR 139,689.34. Sennheiser argued that the domain was confusingly similar to its trademark and […]

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What’s wrong with NameFind, foo?

NameFind is the holding company of GoDaddy’s portfolio of owned domain names. For many years, has been selling domains to private inquiries, sharing its inventory that is thematically categorized. Last December, NameFind and GoDaddy organized an auction extravaganza event that resulted in many quality domains being sold. As GoDaddy does not share data, there […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. No more domain rentals; BIN and LTO options to remain

In an email to account holders, the popular domain marketplace owned by GoDaddy announced that users will no longer be able to list domains for rent. The option to rent domains wasn’t as popular as the lease to own, or the BIN options that both remain. Said today’s announcement: “As of July 10, 2024, […]

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GoDaddy to share Second Quarter 2024 performance on August 1, 2024

GoDaddy Inc. (NYSE: GDDY) will release financial results for the second quarter of 2024 on Thursday, August 1, 2024, after the U.S. stock market closes. In the past 3 months, GoDaddy stock has seen a 12.68% increase in price. This is not a stock valuation or endorsement statement. After the report release, the GoDaddy management […]

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