Uni Market refugees can benefit from our expert leads analysis!

Domain investors that have been using the Uni Market were recently told that the GoDaddy-owned marketplace will shut down on April 18th. The great platform created by Frank Schilling for all domainers will no longer remain active past the deadline and its users are asked to transition to Afternic. Exporting your own leads and other […]

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Jeff Gabriel, co-founder of, has achieved an impressive record in domain sales: Almost half a billion ($500 million) dollars’ worth of brokered deals. As a senior domain broker, Jeff Gabriel was involved personally in the sale of and while the sales amount is under NDA, it’s rumored to be worth eight figures USD. […]

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OpenAI were the buyers of the ultra premium domain

The ultra-premium domain was sold two years ago, at a time when the asking price was $11 million dollars. sat unresolving the whole time but as of February 13th it forwards to OpenAI and its ChatGPT project. Perhaps OpenAI, a company formed in 2015 to establish artificial intelligence technologies, finally decided to take […]

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Dofo, operating from the domain, is a domain discovery multi-tool that stands for “domain information.” When we interviewed its founder, Macit Tuna, the service was still in beta; during the past 4 years it has matured. Dofo analyzes the core elements of more than 350 million domain names, leveraging their unique qualities to produce […]

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#Wordle madness: SAW brokerage lists the matching .com for sale!

Fans of word puzzles will love Wordle, a quick, daily test of your vocabulary and patience. What exactly is Wordle? Wordle is an online game where you’re trying to guess a five letter word and have six tries to do so. Every word has to pass a dictionary test and feedback is returned by marking […]

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Interview with Identity rebrand goes beyond the logo

Domain power brokerage,, has rolled out a new look on its web site, and it’s more than just a logo. Identity rebranding is the design process that encompasses the true delivery of a company’s message. It makes a company stand out and be remembered among similar companies, and it expands onto all media and […]

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Domain sightings we SAW: Kommunarka from Belarus

Today’s domain sighting involves a very tasty milk chocolate from Belarus, called Kupalinka. Before unwrapping this sweet present, we flipped it over, to scan it for any domain names, and sure enough, we found not one but three domains! First there’s, the chocolate manufacturer in Belarus. According to their web site: Factory โ€œKommunarkaโ€ is […]

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Auntie Buzz SAW it coming!

Auntie Buzz is the apparent new mascot of SAW, the domain brokerage powerhouse formed a year (and a half) ago. We know about SAW but who the heck is Auntie Buzz, you might ask. In a post about social media handles, is using a stock image of a respectable old lady in rage mode: […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. : Another brokered #domain sale is a premium domain that was sold late last year, according to our research. In late 2020, the domain was under exclusive brokerage by The domain was acquired by BuyersRoad Inc., a software company in California. Their brand changed from Social Survey to Experience, and acquiring the matching .com domain was a […]

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#Domainer careers: Yogi Solanki has joined

Indian domain investor, Yogi Solanki, released a popular ebook about domain investing, last year. The big news is that Yogi Solanki has just joined domain brokerage powerhouse, According to the announcement: “The newest addition to the domain brokerage team is Yogi Solanki. He is a passionate domain investor from New Delhi, India that […]

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Drew Rosener is among the few domain investors who can claim access to brokering millions of dollars in domain names. Operating MediaOptions, DomainX,, and other domain-focused platforms, Drew Rosener’s personal web site sits comfortably at And now, Drew Rosener announced the acquisition of, an aged, ultra-premium LLL .com domain. was registered […]

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One year later: Nobody SAW it coming!

Nobody SAW it coming, but they have already been in business for a full year. Domain industry veterans, Jeff Gabriel and Amanda Waltz co-founded domain brokerage powerhouse, a year ago. How time flies! ๐Ÿ˜€ In the full year since, Brooke Hernandez has joined SAW as senior domain broker and the company has scored numerous […]

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