Telepathy has sold the two letter .domain

Telepathy, the ultra-premium domain portfolio holding company founded by investor Nat Cohen, appears to have sold The super premium, LL .com domain now points to a landing page about “nanosecond” as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Registered in 1991, is not only a top notch two letter .com domain, it’s also a common […]

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Domain broker Andrew Miller has been associated with the successful brokerage of ultra-premium domains, such as,,,, and All these domains were sold for millions of dollars, representing the cream of the crop of the industry’s top recorded sales. There are plenty more that shall remain unreported, due to private non-disclosure […]

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The ultra memorable domain has been sold, according to a Tweet by domain investor, James Booth, who brokered the sale: Sold – Congrats to the buyer and seller 🎉 — Domain (@domain) February 29, 2024 Registered in 1995, the two-letter domain name had been in the possession of Japanese domain investor Satoshi […]

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Chatham Financial upgrades domain to

Chatham Financial, a Global Financial Risk Management firm founded in 1991, has performed a major domain rebranding by acquiring the domain The two-letter .com acquisition was noticed by domain investor and owner of two-letter .com domains, George Kirikos. George is convinced the new registrant of is Chatham Financial due to an MX record […]

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Domain rebranding: Valuetainment moves to

The short, two letter domain has changed hands in yet another case of domain rebranding. According to news shared on social media by the founder of Valuetainment, Patrick Bet-David, the company is excited to have acquired the domain Right now, forwards to The international company “is the leading source for information, […]

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Did just sell on

The two-letter .com domain name appears to have been sold, after a WHOIS change places it in the lap of MarkMonitor and their stealth acquisition unit, DNStination. Domain investor, George Kirikos, pointed out these facts earlier today, adding that the domain was being brokered by Drew Rosener in recent months. Indeed, the domain […]

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Domain sightings: Rare LL .com domain, courtesy of Waste Management

WM, formerly known as Waste Management, is North America’s leading provider of comprehensive environmental solutions. The company’s mission is to protect the environment through waste management and recycling. Its vehicle fleet operates on natural gas. In this lovely encounter with yet another domain sighting, this far-away photo reveals nothing other than a beautiful day in […]

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The domain has been sold, according to its prior owner, operator of Registered in 1995, was acquired for $358,000 dollars via Heritage Auctions in 2014 by the seller. The domain was listed for sale with a $2 million price tag at some point. According to the seller, PY has several meanings in […]

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When you have a lot of money, you might end up spending it on stupid trades. In the case of Twitter, Elon Musk agreed to acquire the popular social medium for almost $48 billion dollars. It was a move that he probably has regretted since, as he tried to walk away from his public offer […]

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Two letter .com domain under new ownership

Premium two-letter .com domain name,, has changed hands, per the domain’s most recent WHOIS. This ultra-high quality LL .com domain is now under the control of DNStinations, the acquisition unit of MarkMonitor that often performs stealth acquisitions. Canadian domain investor, George Kirikos, noted the WHOIS changes and invites those with a guess about the […]

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Media Options: It’s OK to own the domain name

Media Options, the domain brokerage powerhouse founded by domain investor and entrepreneur, Drew Rosener, want’s you to be OK with the right domain, Investors with a solid budget and a plan for development can reach out to Media Options with offers. This is an opportunity to acquire an ultra-premium two letter .com domain name, […]

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OpenAI were the buyers of the ultra premium domain

The ultra-premium domain was sold two years ago, at a time when the asking price was $11 million dollars. sat unresolving the whole time but as of February 13th it forwards to OpenAI and its ChatGPT project. Perhaps OpenAI, a company formed in 2015 to establish artificial intelligence technologies, finally decided to take […]

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