Two letter .com domain under new ownership

Premium two-letter .com domain name,, has changed hands, per the domain’s most recent WHOIS. This ultra-high quality LL .com domain is now under the control of DNStinations, the acquisition unit of MarkMonitor that often performs stealth acquisitions. Canadian domain investor, George Kirikos, noted the WHOIS changes and invites those with a guess about the […]

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Media Options: It’s OK to own the domain name

Media Options, the domain brokerage powerhouse founded by domain investor and entrepreneur, Drew Rosener, want’s you to be OK with the right domain, Investors with a solid budget and a plan for development can reach out to Media Options with offers. This is an opportunity to acquire an ultra-premium two letter .com domain name, […]

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OpenAI were the buyers of the ultra premium domain

The ultra-premium domain was sold two years ago, at a time when the asking price was $11 million dollars. sat unresolving the whole time but as of February 13th it forwards to OpenAI and its ChatGPT project. Perhaps OpenAI, a company formed in 2015 to establish artificial intelligence technologies, finally decided to take […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. Premium LL .com domain a major brand upgrade, a premium two letter (LL) .com domain, has been reported as sold. Registered almost 30 years ago, is now in the possession of On Holding AG, a Swiss company that operates under the stock market symbol $ONON. Domain investor and financial analyst, George Kirikos, discovered the domain’s transfer: “Another elite 2-letter dot-com domain […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. Two letter .com #domain name moved to Canada is a premium two letter .com domain name and a popular acronym for “electric vehicle.” Registered in 1994, was just reported as being sold to an automotive group in Canada. Domain investor, George Kirikos, said: “It appears that EV[.]com, an elite 2-letter dot-com domain name, has changed hands with new ownership from Canada […]

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Two letter #domain has been sold in China

There are only 676 two-letter (LL) .com domain names and is one of them. The premium LL .com recently changed hands, with the help of the Chinese domain brokerage company The sale moved the domain to Chinese interests and away from a presumably British registrant. News of the sale was shared by […]

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Drew Rosener hints that has been sold

Domain investor, George Kirikos, took a break from the analysis of the Oscars last night to share the big news: has been sold, apparently. Noting WHOIS changes pointing in that direction—a change of registrar—Kirikos identified Drew Rosener of Media Options as the domain’s recent broker: It looks like the elite 2-letter dot-com domain LA(.)com, […]

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Want to sell your 2-letter #domain names? Get them ready for the next #Sedo auction!

Two letter domain names, often abbreviated as “LL” to indicate letter/letter are rare unicorns. Often associated with high prestige, not to mention fewer keystrokes, two letter domains can sell at premium prices. Do you have any LL domains? Sedo, our kind sponsor, is holding a GreatDomains auction in January, exclusively for two letter domain names! […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. Two letter .com #domain moves to #Russian registrant

The ultra-short, ultra-premium domain has changed ownership, moving to a Russian registrant for a change. Most often, two letter .com (LL .com) domains move to Chinese registrants when sold but this one appears to be a noteworthy exception! Domain investor and LL .com aficionado, George Kirikos, noticed the transfer, that took place a few […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. in the hands of telecom company to the tune of millions, an ultra-premium two letter domain registered in 1992, has been sold. Brokered by domain broker, James Booth, this remarkable LL .com changed hands for a massive $3.8 million dollars. Source: DNJournal. The buyer is Intis Telecom, a British telecom company that also operates from IT stands for “information technology” among other acronyms; it’s […]

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Yue Dai: Chinese domainer drops several LL .com #domains!

Call it an unlucky moment, or an accident but it really happened: Chinese domain investor, Yue Dai (Dai Yue) somehow lost control of a large number of short, valuable domain names. The dropped list includes LL .com domains, LLL .com domains and even the ultra-valuable Said Yue Dai about the incident: Yes, you read […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. goes on sale for $5,000,000 dollars

Ultra-premium two letter .com domain,, is now up for sale. In an exclusive brokerage deal with Media Options, the LL .com representing—first among others—Los Angeles, is priced at $5,000,000 dollars. The price seems conservative for a two letter .com of this caliber. If sold at that asking price, would become the #3 most […]

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