Trademark application hints of #domain sale by Telepathy

The operators of the domain have applied for the registration of the matching mark, SOCIALBUTTERFLY.COM. South Dakota-based corporation Webit, Inc., filed for the registration of the mark with an “intent to use” clause, which makes sense, as the domain’s WHOIS still shows Telepathy, Inc. as the registrant. The mark was applied for the following […]

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Domain investing company, Telepathy, Inc., is an established powerhouse of premium domains. Its quality inventory, hand-picked by its founder, Nat Cohen, leads to sizable domain sales. operates a systematic approach to domain sales, directing many to a web site,, where inquiries and offers can be made for the price of $19 dollars. But […]

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Telepathy Inc.: Domain name has changed hands

The premium, aged domain name has apparently changed hands in a sales transaction. Previously owned by Telepathy, Inc., the three letter, one word .com is now pointing to a landing page referencing “a revolution in meme coins” that is launching soon. Registered in 1998. has been in the possession of Nat Cohen‘s domain […]

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Michael D’Elena runs one of Arizona’s leading real estate teams, with over $200 million dollars in real estate sold and 400+ transactions under his belt. The power realtor acquired the domain from Telepathy, Inc. in July 2021 for an undisclosed amount. They are now applying for the registration of the matching mark, HOUSED.COM, with […]

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Another day, another aged domain sale by Telepathy, Inc.: changed hands on September 11th, potentially for thousands of dollars. Registered in 2001, is now in the possession of Collova Media Inc. The web site at displays an under development lander about organically grown fruit, but that might be temporary. Nat Cohen’s Telepathy, […]

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Did Telepathy sell

Domain investment corporation, Telepathy, Inc., most likely sold the domain recently. Registered in 2000, has moved from its former registrar, Dynadot, to Google Domains. The change occurred three days ago, and while the domain still resolves to a “for sale” lander, the domain is most likely in the possession of a new registrant, […]

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Telepathy wraps up sale of while Oxley gets

Two stellar domain investors wrapped up a domain sale, and an acquisition. Nat Cohen of Telepathy Inc. completed the sale of to an Australian restaurant chain with global reach. The deal was struck last year but completed in the past few days. was registered in 1999. Meanwhile, Brent Oxley continues to feed his […]

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The three letter .com domain has new owners, according to WHOIS changes. Registered in 1998, the domain was in the possession of Telepathy, Inc. but it changed hands on July 15th. It is unknown who is the new owner of as the domain doesn’t resolve and the WHOIS is under privacy. It’s quite […]

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Relax… Let the “Telepathy Guy” show you how #domain biz is done!

Telepathy owns many high quality domains and the bulk of the company’s portfolio can be acquired directly. In recent months, Nat Cohen has been using custom landers but for the most part the majority of the Telepathy domains redirect to To avoid spammers and time wasters, Telepathy can be contacted after a $19 dollar […]

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#Domain vision: Telepathy acquired

When it comes down to domain vision, Telepathy Inc. goes a long way. Founded by Nat Cohen many moons ago, the company is known for its extensive, solid domain portfolio and sales. It’s rare to come across acquisitions by Telepathy, perhaps because most of them fly under the radar. We did notice that, a […]

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You can start a domain transaction at for as low as $3.50 dollars—that’s three and a half dollars—if you are bad with decimal notation in the US. Nat Cohen of Telepathy, Inc. shared an image showing just that; a buyer initiated an transaction for a grand total of $3.50 dollars, for a domain […]

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Telepathy Inc. has sold to web hosting company Rocket

Telepathy Inc., the established domain outfit of veteran domain investor, Nat Cohen, has done it again. The sale of to a managed web hosting services provider took place around September 20. The buyers negotiated using the services of a third party broker, upgrading their corporate domain from to a short, dictionary word .net […]

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