PSD Underwear upgraded to via Telepathy

PSD Underwear has acquired the ultra-premium, three letter domain in a major instance of domain rebranding. The domain’s sellers, Telepathy, Inc., apparently scored a nice sale of this aged domain name mainly associated with Photoshop format files (PSD.) Currently, forwards to as the premium men’s and women’s underwear brand uses “PSD” as […]

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Garza is a popular Hispanic surname and the matching .com domain,, appears to have been sold. Registered in 1997, has been in the possession of premium domain portfolio holders, Telepathy, Inc. The Washington, DC, company founded by domain investor and entrepreneur, Nat Cohen, has held for approximately 4 years. While there are […]

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State Ventures LLC: The geodomain specialist arm of Telepathy, Inc.

Happy New Year! Many know Telepathy, Inc., as an ultra-premium domain portfolio holder, specializing in top notch dictionary .com domains, LLL .com domains, and dictionary .TV domains. The company founded by domain veteran, Nat Cohen, has a secondary arm, an independently operated company called State Ventures LLC. Formed 23 years ago in Washington, DC, State […]

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Telepathy has acquired the domain name

Telepathy, Inc., portfolio holders of a great group of both short and dictionary .com domains, have acquired the domain name Registered in 1999, the domain does not appear to have been sold before. Until about 2011, was operated by a geophysical solutions company, with oceanographic services. The domain appears to have displayed a […]

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October has been a great month for Telepathy, Inc., holders of a top-notch portfolio of domain names. Just a week after selling the domain, appears to have sold yet another aged, generic domain name: Registered in 2000, represents the dictionary word “rationality”β€”the quality of being guided by or based on reasons. […]

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It’s been a busy month for Telepathy; following the sale of and that of, here comes The aged domain boasts a registration date of 1997, with the past 9 years being spent under the umbrella. The domain moved away from the Secured Offers lander and it’s now up for sale on […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. Aged domain name sold by Telepathy, a domain name registered in 2001, appears to have been sold by industry veterans Telepathy, Inc. Registered 21 years ago by Nat Cohen, the domain appears to have been acquired by a domain investor, as it’s listed for sale on Squadhelp. The asking price, $54,899 dollars, indicates that the domain was sold by […]

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Secured Offers fires Telepathy guy for being a slacker

Secured Offers, the boutique domain storefront of Telepathy, has announced the immediate termination of the “Telepathy Guy.” After years of slacking by processing $19 dollar inquiries manually, the Telepathy Guy is no more. Telepathy has removed his laid back, relaxed photo from the web site at Nat Cohen, Founder and CEO of Telepathy, Inc., […]

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The aged, three letter .com domain has been sold by Telepathy, Inc., most likely. The domain changed from its usual DNS recently and currently it resolves to a page at 101 Domain, a registrar popular with European registrants. Registered in 1994, had been in the possession of Telepathy since March 2008. Nat Cohen, […]

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Telepathy, Inc., has regained control of the premium, aged, three letter .com domain, This 1998 LLL .com was in the possession of a China-based registrant, according to historic WHOIS data, from late 2015. At some point it was offered for sale via the Chinese domain brokerage, 4.CN. It’s not clear why the domain’s WHOIS […]

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The operators of the domain have applied for the registration of the matching mark, SOCIALBUTTERFLY.COM. South Dakota-based corporation Webit, Inc., filed for the registration of the mark with an “intent to use” clause, which makes sense, as the domain’s WHOIS still shows Telepathy, Inc. as the registrant. The mark was applied for the following […]

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Domain investing company, Telepathy, Inc., is an established powerhouse of premium domains. Its quality inventory, hand-picked by its founder, Nat Cohen, leads to sizable domain sales. operates a systematic approach to domain sales, directing many to a web site,, where inquiries and offers can be made for the price of $19 dollars. But […]

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