Final #Chinese #domain market report of 2017, as “Year of the Dog” lies ahead

It’s the final Chinese domain market report of the year, as we’re bidding farewell to 2017. China’s domain aftermarket for “coinage” domains, such as and, remained relatively healthy, having survived a crappy 2016. Domain investors moved some liquidity to cryptocurrencies, giving the short domain market a much needed correction. No longer in $2,500 […]

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#CPU .com : How much is this top tier #LLL .com #domain selling for on #Flippa?

A few weeks ago, was being auctioned on NameJet, but it failed to meet the reserve price. We were hoping that Intel and AMD would swoop in to cross swords and get this premium, three letter .com domain. Alas, this didn’t happen, and migrated to Flippa. How much is being sold for? […]

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In real life : Rick Latona brokers domain

Three letter domain acronyms with a variety of meanings are popular with investors and end-user buyers alike. Rick Latona is currently brokering the three letter domain, It can stand for “Ireland,” or as an acronym for “In Real Life.” According to the domain’s description at Premium LLL.COM available for sale One of the […]

Copyright © 2018 · All Rights Reserved. domain : Chinese pinyin for Bitcoin sells for six figures USD

The three letter .com domain,, is Chinese pinyin for “Bitcoin” – BiTeBi. According to domain investor and founder, George Hong, the domain recently sold for more than $150,000 dollars. “A domain investor from China just acquired (acronym for Bitcoin in Chinese), which might cost him over 1M CNY!!” NameBio has recorded a […]

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Sedo GreatDomains: domain sold for five figures

If you’ve been watching the GreatDomains auction by Sedo, there were a lot of good names listed. One of them was, a top notch three letter .com domain registered in 1995. That auction was the last one to finish, and it attracted 8 bidders, and a total of 19 bids. The winner will be […]

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Negative eBay feedback for IDN peddler selling “three letter .com” domain

The seller of “суе” .com on eBay made it extremely difficult for domainer newbies to understand what they were bidding on. As an IDN domain, суе.com resolves to a puny code equivalent, Buried in an ocean of rambling about how domains are great investment opportunities, the fact that it’s an IDN three letter .com […]

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Mid-summer doldrums as LLL .com prices plummet

It’s the heart of the summer, and the proverbial doldrums are hitting the LLL .com niche market rather hard. Recent sales of three letter .com domains that we reported, indicate that prices are retreating to pre-Chinese boom numbers. The bread and butter of that boom was formed by letters that for many years were considered […]

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Is the LLL .com market losing its steam?

In recent weeks, the LLL .com market shows signs of losing steam. One of the longest category of “coin” domains that retain liquidity, three letter .com domains witnessed a huge increase in valuation over the years. In the early 2000’s one could get random letter LLL .com domains for prices ranging between $1,000 and $3,000. […]

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Chinese domain market report : Selling ice to the Eskimo won’t work in China

There’s a reason why the old saying, “selling ice to the Eskimo” still holds plenty of cold water. Domain investors selling to each-other, especially when it’s a trade between buddies promoting auctions, can only get one that much money. The market gets saturated with the product and prices drop – simple as that. Gone are […]

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Sedo Great Domains auction : has been sold

The Sedo Great Domains auction for April is over, and has been sold to the highest bidder. The auction for attracted 12 bids from 5 bidders, with the winner forking out $30,999 dollars for the domain. was registered in 1996, making it a 21 year old, three-letter .com domain. Considering that W, […]

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Something is going on with, a three letter domain that was in the hands of Associated Recovery LLC until recently. In July 2016, we covered the status of several premium domains that became involved in a complex lawsuit; was on that list. The current status of, which has been with Uniregistry since […]

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