XQO.com: Which poor soul let this LLL .com drop?

Not an April Fool’s joke: Another LLL .com domain has dropped; XQO.com is now the youngest three letter .com domain in the known cosmos, taking that title away from TBW.com.

While the letters aren’t spectacular, that’s a $25k asset right there that someone let go. Was it an accident or a celestial force, known as “act of god” caused it?

Let’s find out.

XQO.com was registered in 2000, at a time when one could still register three letter .com domain combinations by hand. That trend ended the same year, as many domain investors older than 40 already know.

For almost 20 years, XQO.com was nothing more than a glorified list of links or a lander with PPC ad links. The few captures that exist on Archive.org feature a large gap between the years 2005 and 2024.

The original registrant is listed as Swanbourne Inc., a Hong Kong based company founded by someone named Ronnie Choi. The company has one UDRP on record, for the domain ChickeeDuck.com that they lost in 2011.

Historic WHOIS records from DomainTools show that although privacy was turned on, the registrant’s Hong Kong locale was retained. It’s therefore very possible that XQO.com remained in the possession of Swanbourne Inc. for the full 24 years of its life span.

The domain is now in a three day auction at DropCatch with a little over one day to go. The current highest bid is $12,845 dollars.

Update: Closed at $13,345 dollars (Winner is “ninjadomain”).

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