TBW.com: Another LLL .com domain has dropped!

It happens more often than it should: TBW.com, another “ancient” LLL .com domain, has dropped, becoming the youngest three letter .com in the known cosmos.

Originally registered in 1997, TBW.com expired and dropped, eventually getting caught by one of DropCatch’s multiple registrars. TBW.com is now in a three day auction at DropCatch, where the price has reached $24,222 dollars already.

The letter quality of this three letter .com will most likely drive the price well into mid five figures, if not higher.

Prior to its drop, TBW.com was registered with a British registrar, Misk.com. A single registrant appears to have been in control of the domain TBW.com since at least 2001, using it as an acronym for “The Boy Wonder.

While the domain remained active over the years, the last time it displayed some content other than a “Powered by Misk” page was in 2011. An archived page shows it was a personal blog for Joshua Siegel.

We will probably never know why “Josh” Siegel allowed TBW.com to drop but it’s a sad reality; TBW.com is now just 2 days old.

Update 3/19/2024: The auction for TBW.com closed at $27,000 dollars; user “shakarchy” is the winner.

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