The Domain King’s new Stud and Jester domains

The Domain King, Rick Schwartz, was featured in a priceless interview to Business Insider this week. Rick shared his life’s personal and professional path with millions of readers in yet another demonstration of solidified accomplishments. The Domain King’s motto of being a pole vaulter setting new records should be a reminder to those that failed […]

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Business Insider: The Domain King and his kingdom of domain names

Yesterday, Business Insider published an extensive article on Rick Schwartz and his life’s passion: Domain names. In this article, the Domain King shared details about his path in life, not just about domains, things he might have shared on his blog before but which take on a different light. As a wandering salesman, Rick Schwartz […]

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Rick Schwartz’s 19xx .com #domains for sale during NamesCon 2022

Part of Rick Schwartz’s portfolio of domain names signifying years in the 20th century, will be available for acquisition during NamesCon 2022. The domains include five 20th century years as seen below in chronological order: If you are a domain investor born in 1961, 1962, 1964, 1969, or 1978, now […]

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Domain list: The Domain King’s acquisitions

Earlier today, the Domain King, Rick Schwartz, shared a list of 85 domain names that were acquired (purchased) over the last few years. The list contains mostly .com but also .tv and .org domains that Rick paid money to acquire or win at auctions – it does not seem to include hand registrations. We sorted […]

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Rick Schwartz’s domain drops and acquisitions

We’re glad that the Domain King, Rick Schwartz, is no longer in (semi)retirement. Rick took a sabbatical a few years ago that didn’t last long! Quite the opposite, these days the Domain King is actively bidding on DropCatch where he wins auctions of domains that catch his expert attention. We often report on domain names […]

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Candy Digital, Inc., operators of the premium domain name, have applied for the registration of the matching mark, CANDY.COM, at the USPTO. The application was filed with an intent to use clause, for a range of NFT and other token-related products and services: Providing an on-line marketplace for buyers and sellers of digital currency […]

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The Domain King’s latest #domain acquisitions

The Domain King, Rick Schwartz, has been busy cherry-picking domain names in the aftermarket, making some cool acquisitions. Rick’s favorite aftermarket platform appears to be DropCatch, a popular marketplace for domain investors and end-user bidders. In recent weeks, Rick’s added several new domains he won at DropCatch auctions and here’s a portion of these acquisitions: […]

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Rick Schwartz grabs for a fistful of cash

The Domain King, Rick Schwartz, has acquired a premium two-word .com domain, The acquisition took place via the popular drop-catching and auctioning platform, DropCatch. Rick’s acquisition of cost a whopping $7,456 dollars. was a 1997 registration prior to the drop and was used by a Japanese company. It’s not clear why they […]

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DropCatch glitch: Everything but the

The domain was a surprise drop from Amazon’s registrar; as an exact match of “kitchen bowl” the domain was used as a social community for foodies to share & discover recipes. Between 2015 and 2020 the domain and assorted app most likely generated millions of page-views and when the domain dropped inexplicably, bidders went […]

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Rick Schwartz is planning a Stud Party! is the current venture actively worked on by the Domain King, Rick Schwartz. Aimed at becoming a multi-discipline venture capital platform, recently launched in a limited, beta format. But is not where the buck ends, as Rick Schwartz is planning some type of event to go with it, or perhaps a “stud […]

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Unfinished domains: acronym is explained

Rick Schwartz promised lots of surprises when launches on Monday, April 18th, to a select few cowboys. A couple of these surprises were revealed today! The Domain King’s new brokerage venture is an acronym, apparently, as STUD stands for Strategic Toolbox for Unfinished Domains. Enhancing the STUD acronym, Rick Schwartz secured the domain […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. launches on Monday; Rick Schwartz added more #domains to the stable

The Domain King’s latest solo project is, a new brokerage platform promising to ruffle the feathers of the industry, under the Domain King’s guidance. Rick Schwartz’s planning of started many months ago and Monday, April 18th has been mentioned as the “go live” date. With that in mind, we noted that Rick Schwartz […]

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