Spatial Domaining in 2024 with Michael and Rick

The era of spatial domaining is here, as the Apple Vision Pro becomes available on February 2nd. Sporting a revolutionary AI-driven GPU, the Apple Vision Pro has already been secured by two of the most wealthy and successful domain investors on the planet, Michael Berkens and Rick Schwartz. These pre-ordered units arrived directly from Apple […]

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Update: Rick Schwartz has stated that despite the WHOIS change, he’s still in partnership with Mike Berkens on the domain Mike and I are still partners on – The price of has gone up considerably and for marketing purposes, it will eventually resolve to as soon as I crunch and study […]

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Most Wanted Domains .com goes dark – Adult.Domains launches

Within 48 hours of the tremendous domain portfolio sale of 70,000 domains by Worldwide Media, Inc. to GoDaddy, the changes are already rolling. First and foremost, a list of 106 valuable LLL .com domains is now listed on Afternic; each individual domain seems to carry a minimum offer of $10,000 dollars. Expect these domains to […]

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GoDaddy acquisition : Huge LLL .com portfolio of Worldwide Media Inc domains

Worldwide Media, Inc., the managing entity founded by domain investor, Michael Berkens, dominated the news yesterday. GoDaddy acquired a 70,000-strong portion of the Worldwide Media, Inc. domain portfolio, opting to leave out adult domain names and new gTLDs. It is obvious that GoDaddy, wishing to maintain a squeaky clean public image popular with small businesses […]

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Worldwide Media lands ultimate ‘joint ventures’ gTLD domain!

Worldwide Media, Inc. is a large domain portfolio holder, operated by domain investor and attorney Michael “Mike” Berkens, who operates the popular domain blog The Domains. Mike is actively involved in the research and business development of new gTLDs, as the co-founder and Managing Director of Right of The Dot, along with Monte Cahn. The release […]

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8 Little known businesses of Great Domainers!

Ever wondered what type of products or services great domainers would create, provide or endorse? While most of us perceive domaining to be a full-time business, the truth is that it touches on several other industries. Without further ado, here are 8 real life businesses that could be fitting for these great domainers below! 😀 […]

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