Most Wanted Domains .com goes dark – Adult.Domains launches

Within 48 hours of the tremendous domain portfolio sale of 70,000 domains by Worldwide Media, Inc. to GoDaddy, the changes are already rolling.

First and foremost, a list of 106 valuable LLL .com domains is now listed on Afternic; each individual domain seems to carry a minimum offer of $10,000 dollars.

Expect these domains to sell for at least $40,000 dollars a pop, however.

Meanwhile, the online portfolio of Most Wanted Domains has gone dark. The domain is now displaying a blank page, and is in the possession of GoDaddy.

Worldwide Media, Inc., kept both its gTLD domain portfolio, and its 5,000+ strong adult domain portfolio.

Adult Domains: Get one, or two, or three.

Adult Domains: Get one, or two, or three.

The latter, has now been moved to Adult.Domains, a perfect example of the direction the new Internet namespace is moving to.

Although the navigation menu still displays the full spectrum of categories that existed on, these categories carry no domains. Only the “Adult” segment carries domain names.

To peruse the adult domain inventory of Adult.Domains, click here.

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