The Top 10 ccTLDs powering the European domain market

Europe is a diverse continent with a robust digital landscape, home to over 740 million inhabitants and characterized by a high-speed digital ecosystem. This environment has led to the prominence of country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) as important markers of trust and local presence. Here are some facts and figures: In 2024, country code top-level […]

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GreatDomains : #Sedo auction results for domain auction of April 18-25, 2024

Sedo, our premium domain sponsor, has completed the latest GreatDomains auction, which took place between April 18-25, 2024. The sales results are in, and here’s the list of domains that were sold during the latest edition of this bi-monthly domain auction: Pricing is in US dollars: 5199 2050 1572 1500 […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. Swetha lands sweet deal for domain trio

It’s Sunday funday and Swetha Yenugula has just shared three great domain sales that took place this past week from her portfolio listed at What’s not to love about the sale of for $39,988 dollars? After all, habibi is Arabic for “my love” and this is a great domain keyword regardless of the […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. Amazon just walked out of this domain

Six years ago, Amazon rolled out “Just Walk Out” at its Amazon Go stores. The primary push was technology enabling shoppers to go about the store, adding (or removing) items from their shopping card and when done, simply walk out. The system was supposed to keep track of any cart movements automatically, thus eliminating the […]

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Domainer poll: Should you pay off that LTO domain on early?

Domain investors are always looking for the opportunity to acquire domains with a reduced investment. Whether that means negotiating the price down, or paying for the domain in installments, the motive to save money is there. has been the pioneer of lease to own (LTO) sales of domain names. A domain can be acquired […]

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Domaining: An “unethical business” ?

Happy New Year! As a community of domain investors colloquially referred to as “domainers,” there are times when outsiders target us. It’s not just the lack of knowledge about the mechanics of domain investing; quite often, these accusations and epithets fly due to underlying malicious intent. Common references to “not adding value” due to holding […]

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Great things happen to domain investors who persevered!

Yesterday, we shared a post showcasing the 20 most influential people in the domain industry, as determined in 2007. The list contained an unknown hero, you. The average Joe Domainer who faces challenges and difficulties on a daily basis, with no promises about a substantial return on their investments. But worry not, for given time […]

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The 20 most influential people in the domain industry

There are many influential people in the domain industry, but there aren’t many who were already carrying that prestigious badge sixteen years ago. A post by Logistik Labs in 2007 listed 20 individuals, some of which are not domainers, among the most influential people in domaining. The list is as follows: Vinton Cerf – Co-designer […]

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Domains, drinks, and danger: Milwaukee’s unhinged Domain Underworld Expo

Metcalfe Park in Milwaukee morphed into a battleground of the Domain Underworld Expo this week, as a seemingly innocuous gathering spiraled into the wildest event the city had ever witnessed. What started as a modest domain conference designed to host 150-200 attendees transformed into a chaotic meetup for roughly 6,000 domainers, blending discussions about domain […]

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Price syncing between Dan and Afternic has lost its luster domains can be listed on Afternic without the need for a separate account. Initially, the integration of Dan and Afternic was optional and users could opt out; eventually, it became mandatory that any domain bearing a BIN price at Dan gets added to Afternic via a transparent process. That process worked well until […]

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The Domain King drops Trump’s Christmas Tree

If there was a king of glitz, that’s got to be Donald Trump. The former President ran his entertainment empire, hotels, casinos, and all, with lavish gold and lights, particularly close to Christmas. As a President, Trump made sure that the riches pleasing the eye transferred over to the White House. Christmas decorations involved the […]

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Thousands of photos of Domain Days in Dubai are now available!

Domain Days in Dubai might be over but thousands of professionally taken photos from the event point in one direction: It was the biggest, most engaging international domain conference in recent memory. The event delivered substance, with a well-organized agenda and speakers that spanned the domain industry and beyond. When it comes down to keeping […]

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