was NOT sold for $2,000,000 dollars

Update: The domain name was sold for $200,000 dollars. Its CEO pulled an “Elon” and added an extra zero, per the original tweet, “for fun.” It’s unfortunate that such a statement hurts the brand’s credibility. Yeah added an extra zero for fun. — Andrew Gazdecki (@agazdecki) November 15, 2022 Original article follows: The domain […]

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Premium .XYZ domains: The official lists!

When bidding on .XYZ domain names at various platforms, do you know if the domain is premium? Some platforms, like Sav, ensure that the annual renewal price of .XYZ domains is visible on the auction bidding page. But several other marketplaces and expired domain auctioneers do not. Here is how to tell if an .XYZ […]

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#Sedo: Give a chance!

With war raging around the world, it’s time to give peace a chance. The destruction of humans, animals, and the environment, are direct byproducts of wars that only peace can help resolve. Sedo is offering the matching .com domain name,, in an exclusive brokerage deal. The domain was registered in 1998, although we’re […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. Premium domain has been sold to Designer Brands

The premium domain name has reportedly been sold for the umpteenth time, changing hands from the seller—most likely CriticalPoint Capital—to Designer Brands, Inc. The new owner of is the parent company of DSW. According to Footwear News, a spokesman for the company noted that the domain and IP were carved out as part […]

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Find out the renewal cost of gTLDs using the Namecheap bulk transfer

Unlike .com, .net, and .org, pricing of gTLDs can vary as much as a rainbow spread. From a few bucks to thousands of dollars, gTLD domains can be pricey to acquire and/or renew. Such premium gTLD domains listed for sale at auctions often carry the renewal cost. For example, SAV auctions list the domain’s renewal […]

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Top brands: The utilization of premium #domain names

It’s not a secret that numerous world-famous companies own and operate high-value domain names, also known as “premium domains.” Are you curious to find out how they use these digital assets? Simone Catania, Global Content & Communications Manager of InterNetX, our kind sponsors, will show you how five top brand operators utilize premium domains with […]

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Roman domain liquidity platform MCMLIX to expand its target market

For over 18 months, premium domain liquidity market, MCMLIX, has been providing a platform for trading premium Roman domains. Founded by Ragazzo Greciano, the prolific domain investment expert from Napoli, Italy, MCMLIX aimed at bringing together sellers and buyers of domain names that form valid Roman numerals. In early 2020, Ragazzo Greciano forecast an increased […]

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The airline industry is looking forward to a booming summer, promising a return to more domestic and international leisure flights. Very few domain names capture the essence of commercial aviation and is one of them. Registered in 2003, represents the benefits of private flying, once considered a luxury for the very few. According […]

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There’s no bigger university domain than, and the ultra premium domain is now exclusively for sale – at Uniregistry. The $2,000,000 dollar price tag is well-justified, especially at the era of the Covid-19 pandemic. Online courses, classes, and educational seminars can all be under the same umbrella, The domain is being brokered by […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. #domain sold to Swedish #betting corp Game Lounge

Sweden’s Game Lounge, a major betting placement company, announced the acquisition of the domain The acquisition is the next step in Game Lounge’s diversification strategy and expansion into the US market. Earlier this year Game Lounge acquired Panorama Partners Ltd (Bettingmetrics), a company with strong product focus in the betting vertical. Bettingmetrics will now […]

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Premium #Domains announces never before shared sales of single letter gTLDs

Premium Domains is a project by Donuts, Inc. – the world’s largest portfolio manager of new gTLDs. The project operates as a store front-end from the matching domain, Premium.Domains. If you’re looking for the ultimate in domain brevity, the available combinations include one letter and one number domains in a large number of top level […]

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#Domains on sale : That’s a lot of

Brent Oxley acquired the premium domain name,, some time in late 2019. The millionaire entrepreneur holds onto a spectacular domain portfolio, and is by no means just silicon. It appears that the domain is now being offered for sale, with a starting price of $500,000 dollars. So what is the history of […]

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