Find out the renewal cost of gTLDs using the Namecheap bulk transfer

Unlike .com, .net, and .org, pricing of gTLDs can vary as much as a rainbow spread. From a few bucks to thousands of dollars, gTLD domains can be pricey to acquire and/or renew.

Such premium gTLD domains listed for sale at auctions often carry the renewal cost.

For example, SAV auctions list the domain’s renewal price once you go on that individual page; many other marketplaces fail to disclose that.

How would you find out the renewal cost of a gTLD prior to bidding, if it’s not listed? It’s unfortunate that the registries themselves don’t provide this information somehow.

So here’s a solution: use the Namecheap bulk transfer tool. Select the “Bulk Options” link, then paste the list of domains into the form and hit submit.

A few moments later, as long as these domains are eligible for transfer, you’ll get a list of every domain’s transfer cost, typically matching the renewal cost.

Keep in mind that it’s common for registrars to offer discounts for transfers as opposed to renewals.

If the domains aren’t eligible for transfer, due to a 60 day transfer lock, you’d have to find another method to determine the annual renewal cost.

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